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I have been filling my home with fresh flowers these days, so I thought I’d share some snaps from my home with you today…

home home2

So here you have it – some of my favorite things – mostly in the shape of flowers… But also my vintage bar, my Molton Brown soap collection (lined up so everyone can choose a favorite when they need to wash their hands, some fresh berries, one of my favorite prints (who can say no to a well tattooed man?) and the energy drink I am hooked on these days (and I never get hooked on energy drinks) and of course some of my more golden things like one of my many skulls around the house…

Btw – can’t stop listening to this right here - Ben Howard – The Fear


It has been quite a vile since I’ve posted anything on here, so here goes nothing! Gold is one of the big interior trends for autumn/winter 2013. And I can def. work with it. I am as you may have picked up on a big fan of metals – and gold is no exception. So here goes the gold – a long collection of golden inspiration… And maybe some must-do’s or some must-buy’s!

Lovely gold print via

Add some gold to your wardrobe… I know I will. unknown source

Hello perfection! I want this – I am going to have to put an order in for this as soon as my paycheck is in… via

Add some gold to your macaroon treats! via

A perfect piece of gilded art – I wouldn’t mind this in my home – but then again – who would mind this? via

For all of the to-be-brides out there – check it out! Gold crown – gorgeous! via

Lovely collection of pendants… I really want these! via

I feel like I need these awesome wedges for my sushi feet (meaning my feet are as tiny as maki rolls!) – they would look beyond shamazing! via

Oh! Look at this – a golden apple to make my home better! via

Let them eat CAKE! via

unknown source

I call this a perfect combination! via

Got a nursery to make happen? How about these lovely gold decals? I would love these for my workspace – brighten it all up! via


Loving this stairway – gold and white always get’s me going! via

Step in some glitter! via

Hello – I feel like I am in need of this bedding! How gorgeous is this? In love! via

Suit up and sparkle away!  via

Oh my – perfect sweater time! via

A golden DIY! A gilded canvas to hang in your livingroom – do it! via

Gold headpiece anyone? via

I must say I do adore this – match your nails with your jewelry! via

Another one for the more daring ones out there! A gold kitchen – who dares to go all out like this? I know I wouldn’t haha… via

Hello gorgeous! This gold I can work with! via


A lovely gold vintage tea set wouldn’t be wrong… via

How about this liquid gold gown? I am in love! unknown source

If you’re one of the more out there people – why not take it all out – and go for this wall? I am not that out there! via

Lovely golden lamp for the bedroom… via

-that’s it for now-



Tomorrow I am off to Edinburgh for 4 days – hoping it will feel like 14 days! I won’t bring my laptop along for the ride – since I will spend most of my time roaming the streets, taking a picture of everything I fancy or spending way too much on one or more crazy shopping sprees… So how about a great inspiration spree before my great travel spree? I think it is very fitting… I will of course share a collection of images and notes after I return from Edinburgh.

So here is todays prey from my daily pinterest inspiration hunt!

This is my all time favorite Irving Penn photo – Mouth – and I need to put this on my wall!As I write this I am hunting for a print! If any of you guys knows where I can get a print please do tell… via

A great (and simple DIY) – take a vintage scarf you love and put it in a nice frame – voila a beautiful art piece for you and your guests to rest your eyes on. I am also swooning over the vintage telephone – want one of those… via

I couldn’t find a source for this one – but look at how gorgeous it is – had to share it. . .

If I had a summer home in a warm place – this is what I would love my bedroom to look and feel like – calm and serene… via

You know I love a great black and white styling – this one is no exception. via

Some amaze-nails to cheer me up – love that there are only two with the marbled effect… via

Neutral perfection… via

I do love a black dress – especially if it has a great length and flows absolutely perfectly! via

If we get our behinds to Paris – I might just want to spend the nights right here –  at the Hotel Le Relais Saint Germain… via

I must admit I wouldn’t mind having this Alberta Ferretti gown as a part of my wardrobe… But then again – who in their right mind would mind having this hanging in their wardrobe? via

This seems like a great place to rest ones head at night… via

And who might this perfectly cool human being be? In love with the jeans – and of course the amazing Valentino heels she is sporting… via

Great collection of cameras - via

Rosewater vodka anyone? via

Colorful firewood via

How brilliant is this??? I know I need one! via 

Perfectly painted wooden floor! via

And then to end it all – in the spirit of our travel tomorrow! via



Today I set out on the task of creating a workspace for my self. The H has taken up our desk in the livingroom – so I have been doing most my work on the couch or in bed – and my back is paying for it! So when I got back from work yesterday I had a revelation – I can make space in our bedroom for a personal workspace for me and only me! So after roaming some of the vintage shops in our area without any luck – and deciding that I am at a point where I can’t defend getting my dream desk which is priced at around 900 quid. So I grabbed my bag and my money – headed out to Ikea and got myself a desk that will do until I can change it for my dream desk… And I also managed to grab some of those lovely display shelves that I’ve been raving about. So tomorrow  I’ll be roaming about the city for items to throw into my new workspace – can’t wait to use it! I’ll share some images of it as soon as it is all sorted!

Now back to the inspiration blast!

The beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg – wearing quite the beautiful creation… via

Two gorgeous plates from Noma – really need to get a table there whenever I get my bum to the right city! via

Since I have gone on about gorgeous tiles for quite a bit – why not share some more with you? via

How lovely is this? via

Great bedroom storage! I am so gonna do this if I buy a flat in the near future… via

Just because it is beautiful! via

I will say one thing – YUMMY - via

Cool industrial coat rack – want that as well… via

Beautiful headpiece at Giambattista Valli  via

Grumpy Cat – how can I not share this? If I am getting a cat I hope it has a face like that! via

A fairly handsome and well dressed man – I am not one to complain about that… via

Great chairs via

Go Rankin! via

Love the perfume bottle vase! I use those perfumes from D&G – so doing this once it is empty… Would probs work with any lovely perfume bottle… via

Head over heels about the tattoos on Ricki Hall! Want to frame him and hang him up on my wall! Btw you kinda have  to love a man with a great beard… via

How do you follow-up after a heavy tattooed man with a full on beard? I choose to do it with these great pastel stairs via

Lovely piece by Antonio Mora – unknown source but you can see the artist pinterest here.

That is it for today – the inspiration overload after a hectic weekend – hope you enjoyed it!



I am a great fan of geometry – there you have it – the base line for this entire post. I love geometry in art, fashion, interior and maths… Felt like I had to add math to it as well. I want geometric prints on my walls, a gown with a great geometric print to swirl around in, to run a shop with some great geometric tiles on the floor, if I was to get a tattoo it would be a geometric composition – I could go on and on. But why focus on words when we can focus on visual input? I have gathered a bunch of great geometric inspiration for you – hope you enjoy!



















Time for a new Home Envy post… Today I came across the home of the home of Orlando and Nicola Reindorf over at The Design Files - and it was simply too good to pass up on. Orlando and Nicola runs The Standard Store in Sydney – which looks like my kinda shop – if I end up in Sydney I will give it a go.  Looks like a perfect collection of brands – and it looks amazing – if you want a look inside the shop you can check it out here.

This home is filled with personal touches, brilliant colours and great eclectic items. It is simply bursting with personality! Enjoy…

I love the floors in this home – I am a sucker for wooden floors! The Damien Hirst ‘For the Love of God’ print over the bed you can get hereI am swooning a bit over the black garland by Rachel Castle – being in Norway I think I would have to go all DIY on this one.

Is it just me or is this the perfect bathroom? I adore the tub and the fireplace – the mantle used to display the little goodies – SOLD! I am also in love with the photo by Toby Burrows

I really want one of those ladders to hang towels on… First of all I need a larger bathroom! Similar here but it is not white – oh no!

In love with this crazy JC de Castlebejac wallpaper – bold and bright – I agree with that!

The kitchen is in a pitch black on black on black style – and I love it. Just look at how the yellow details pop.

The space outside seems like the perfect place to enjoy my morning coffee – oh how I wish I lived in some more tropical conditions right now!

The Dion Horstman sculpture above the day bed is to die for – neon crazy and absolutely gorgeous!

I must admit the dining room table is my favorite in this home – it is by Koskela - and got some neon flare that one has to love!

Couldn’t show this home without showing this great chartreuse front door – how cool is this?



Today, the home I want to share with you is the home of  Simone and Rhys Haag. This Melbourne home is the perfect Scandinavian design haven! This is basically my dream home… Just look at this:

There is a lot to swoon over in this space – but I’ve got my eye fixated on the ‘egg cup stool’ by Mark Tuckey.  How cute is that?

The bathroom sink combined with the tiny square tiles gives me a sense of vintage simplicity (bordering on institutional) – then there is the beautiful Stanley Ruiz ‘RAW’ mirror… That mirror is going straight on my wish list.

This dining space is what I call absolute perfection. The HAY dining table combined with lovely ‘Neve’ dining chairs by Poro - then topping it all off with a lovely ‘Disc Pendant’ by Toss B… And how about the lovely Ellie Malin piece on the wall? I’ll try to figure out what this one is called and get back to you with the answer!

This image is from the study – and once more it is a lovely mix-up of white and neutral colours – and lovely natural textures. The chair is from HAY.

Now here is one of my favorites – the walk-in space… Why is this my favorite? It is based on the lovely leather door handles (which can easily be DIY!) and the lovely Kate Sylvester Folding Brass Stool 1.0.

This is from the master bedroom – which like the rest of the home has a perfectly calm and serene feel to it.

The cabinet from IKEA is one of my all-time-IKEA-faves – and it does not kill a budget! I love the gold and glass accents placed on top – but the greatest piece in this room must be the C. Jere sculpture on the wall! How amazing is that?

And we are back in the diningroom once more – but this time have a look at the gorgeous Danish oak cabinet by Børge Mogensen - and on top of that you find one of my great faves – the birds by Kristian Vedel

Now let’s have a look at that print – which I absolutely adore. After a bit of hunting I think I have managed to figure out what it is named, hoping I am not completely wrong haha. I think this piece is ‘Reflected Mountain’ – of course by Ellie Malin.

Of course it had to be a component in this home! One of my greatest design craves – the beautiful String shelf! How perfect is this?

You can still see the lovely sides of the String shelf in the back – but move the focus to the lovely HAY tray tables, the great lamp from Space and the gorgeous painting by Christine White (named ‘Retreat IV’)… I have told the H we are getting some tray tables from HAY as soon as we get a new place! He doesn’t get it – but I know they will grow on him like fungi!

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all images via



My easter holiday started today – and what better way to kick it off than to share a bunch of brilliant inspiration with you? Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday – and that everyone enjoys my platter of inspiration!

Some perfect colours for spring…

I am absolutely in love with this kitchen – the grey painted wooden floors combined with the steel and the wood kitchen fronts – common does anyone find a fault to this one? It even has the display shelves…

A pink balloon – from me to you – just to welcome spring!

Another perfect table – I can’t figure out where this beauty is from though – so if you have a clue please do tell!!!

Look at this –  coconut, almond & quinoa breakfast cakes – yummy! I am so gonna give these a go – if you want to as well you can check out the recipe right here!

This one is here simply because it is a great space… Not a word more to say about it…

Perfect bedding by Country Road - hoping they ship to Norway!

Who doesn’t love a great thick cat eye?


Seriously – if you love a crazy wallpaper you will swoon over this one… Perfectly named “My Museum” by Wall & Decò!

I really feel like adding some of these doily platters from BRIKA to my home… Don’t you?

Oh how I would love to wear this gorgeous creation by Ulyana Sergeenko!

Oh I am ready for summer and dipping my body in lakes!

Another great wood kitchen front… Maybe that’s the way to go for me?

How gorgeous is this cafe space in The Broken Arm in Paris? I am sold! If I go to Paris this is on my to check out list – oh so definitely!

Maybe this bag would make me keep my stuff in order since there is no hiding the bag mess!  Unfortunately, the source for this greatness is Nastygal - and I cannot find this bag anywhere – must be sold out! Oh no!

I am completely swooning over this brass table by Mimmi Staaf

For some reason this image makes me want to drive through the US – anyone else get that feeling?

What better way to end this post than by the backsides of some gorgeous Matthew Williamson gowns?

all images sourced via



I’ve been letting my self drift away in future planning lately – especially planning things connected to future travels. We are planning a trip for christmas and new year – I know it is quite some time away – but I do love planning ahead… I am able to be impulsive and get on a plane if it is for just a couple of days – and somewhere not to unknown… But we are planning a trip that will be more than a couple of weeks and more than a couple of countries – quite far from here – so getting a certain whiff of the land seems pretty good in my mind.

Right now we have decided on Asia – and we’ve picked out some favorites.

We would like to go to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia – based on the fact that we both seem to be overly fascinated about the things we’ve read about this place. It seems like a melting pot of different cultures and religions – old and modern.

After a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur we would like to jump a flight to Vietnam – either starting of in Hanoi or in Ho Chi Minh then making our way from the one to the other. On our loafing through Vietnam we would like to see  the Cu Chi tunnels, the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay…

After our movements through Vietnam we would like to catch another flight – but this time to Thailand. We are still trying to make some sense of what we would like to see when in Thailand. And are open for any kind of tip! Here are some images showing you all why we have fallen for the idea of moving around in these countries…


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all images via

Oh I am ready to run away – right now!