I came across this amazing space on one of my inspiration hunts, and it is giving me heaps of moving craves. There is so much inspiration one can pull out of this home, I don´t even know where to start! I love the bright feeling in the living room, with the white walls and light wooden floors. The choice to use a lot of natural textures like linen and wood, combined with a lot of fresh green.

The home seems like the perfect combination of crisp cosy home and a box of curiosities. The living room and bedroom seems is filled with light and eccentric decorations, whilst the bathroom seems like something taken out of a Moroccan hotel… Then there is the kitchen, fresh and up-lifting. Such a fun space!

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One of my long-lasting-never-ending-interior-loves must be great white floors. I have decided to make a line-up of floor related posts, focusing on different floor colors I love and crave, and who better to kick it all off than white?

We currently have light grey floors going through our apartment, they are bordering on white, but not nearly as bright as the ones listed below. One of the best aspects of daring to go all out and paint your floors in a bright white is the light effect you´re left with. It brightens up a room like nothing else, at the same time it works as a perfect backdrop for anything. You can go in any direction with your wall color, your furniture and everything else you choose to add to your space. No matter what you choose to combine it with, you´re kinda on to a winner in my eyes. Personally, I love a minimalistic backdrop, either combining white floors with the same tone of white walls, or different shades of grey all the way down the scale to black. So in the images below I have focused on white floors combined with white walls, as the perfect backdrop to just about anything. Enjoy!

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On the home front our current project at hand is creating The Bean a space of his own, and on the top of my to get list right now is the Ivar cabinet from Ikea. I want to use this as a combined toy/clothes storage for the little one. I have been in love with these cabinets for quite some time, but have never found a good space to add them to in our apartment. Since The Bean needs to have a crossover space, it needs to work as a bedroom space for him at night and a sort of extension of the living room in the day time. Basically as a play space for the small ones now that we are having two little critters that needs floor space for exploring. To be honest, I am also in dire need for storage for all of his toys! Just need them to have a place of their own, preferably behind closed doors. Seems like me and Ivar will have a great relationship!

I love the cabinet in its natural state, the lovely wood will work perfectly in just about every space, with any color. At the same time, I am pretty impressed by the creativity some people have put into their own cabinets. Creating murals, adding graphic patterns and bright colors. Maybe if I go off the deep end, we will be sporting something out of the ordinary here as well – most likely not. Simplicity is my friend! Enjoy some inspiration I have found along the way, as I go back to hunting for more ideas for the new baby space.

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Here comes another quick collection of favorites from the last couple of weeks. This weekend has been spent with family, roaming around the city, letting the Bean run wild at the aquarium, at the museum and everywhere in between. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, enjoy the inspiration rant!



1. The peacock chair, via 2. Two toned hallway, via 3. How about a wall of firewood for autumn? via 4. The black and white kitchen dream, via 5. I want that chair, via 6. The photographer´s home, via 7. Kitchen details, via 8. Grid bedding, yes please, via 9. Bedroom organization, via



1. Beige FTW, via 2. In love with this look, suspenders girl, via 3. The details, via 4. The colors, via 5. The leather skirt, via 6. The bag, via 7. The knitted skirt, via 8. Stockholm fashion week, via 9. Loafer dreams, via



1. Chashu pork steamed bao, via 2. Morning glory loaf, via 3. Passionfruit and blueberry cream tart, via 4. Charred kale and farro salad, via 5. Saison steamed mussels with fennel, saffron and preserved lemon, via 6. Coconut green soup with celery, kale and ginger, via 7. Watermelon, radish and cucumber salad, via 8. Matcha spaghetti with chilli and cheese, via 9. Kohlrabi, cabbage and apple slaw, via



1. Gorgeous french wedding, via 2. This Las Vegas wedding, via 3. Table setting greatness, via 4. Emerald wedding inspiration, via 5. Truvelle 2017 bridal collection, via 6. Mini cacti wedding favors, via 7. The back of this dress, via 8. Six colored but subtle wedding dresses, via 9. DIY hanging floral decorations, via


Baby Bean 


1. Zara mini, via 2. The teddy collection, via 3. Nursery prints, via 4. Perfect Halloween costume? via 5. My all time favorite, Rylee and Cru, via 6. The nursery shelf, via 7. On my current wish list, macrame nap place for baby, via 8. Toy storage crave, via 9. The perfect little reading nook, via



I love the color choices in this space. The perfect combination of bright, white space with a touch of deep teal, deep blue and muted greens… Combined with vintage pieces, marble and woods – this is the perfect future home inspiration. Another detail I love is the Eljo Renova outlets and switches – future home crave… Enjoy!

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We are in the midst of changing up things at home. In 2017 this family of 3 will become a family of 4, joyful, but it has put some urgency on redoing the layout of our flat. We need an extra bedroom, and we need it asap. This means our living room will turn into a smaller space, which leads to us having to rethink our furniture choices. Especially when it comes to the sofa. Right now we´ve got our hearts set on the Söderhamn sofa by Ikea.

It ticks all the right boxes for now… #1 it looks rather handsome, which is always a good criteria to check off the list. #2 it is super easy to customize to fit into any space. We have a bit of an awkward space to fit this sofa into, so my dream of an enormous Mags Sofa has to go back into its box till a future move. Right now we need a sofa that can fit into a small space, yet be cozy and feel roomy. #3 all the practicalities, durable fabrics, and the fact that we can stock up on covers… Multiple covers means easy to change style, but also having a back-up cover at hand if the kids decide to go all out Rambo on the sofa.

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