We are in the midst of changing up things at home. In 2017 this family of 3 will become a family of 4, joyful, but it has put some urgency on redoing the layout of our flat. We need an extra bedroom, and we need it asap. This means our living room will turn into a smaller space, which leads to us having to rethink our furniture choices. Especially when it comes to the sofa. Right now we´ve got our hearts set on the Söderhamn sofa by Ikea.

It ticks all the right boxes for now… #1 it looks rather handsome, which is always a good criteria to check off the list. #2 it is super easy to customize to fit into any space. We have a bit of an awkward space to fit this sofa into, so my dream of an enormous Mags Sofa has to go back into its box till a future move. Right now we need a sofa that can fit into a small space, yet be cozy and feel roomy. #3 all the practicalities, durable fabrics, and the fact that we can stock up on covers… Multiple covers means easy to change style, but also having a back-up cover at hand if the kids decide to go all out Rambo on the sofa.

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If it be a whole room, a single wall or down to the details – I love a home with a touch of green. I my self haven´t gone all out with the green, but I must say I´ve been tempted once in a while. I just don´t have the balls for it, to be honest. The green around here is mainly down to plants and maybe the odd pillow or two…

Maybe it´s the rainy weather around here, but lately I´ve felt myself more and more drawn to colorful spaces. So here are some of my favorites so far, from green half walls to green linens and couches. Enjoy!

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The Bean is in need of his own space now, so we have decided to create a room for him asap! Our living/dining space used to contain a bedroom, this is before we bought the place, and now we want to reverse the old owners vision back to the original form. This will leave the Bean with a bedroom big enough for him and all his possessions. He will end up with quite a spacious room, and I have started working on the details (we´re talking colors, wallpaper, decor), whilst the H is working on the structural bit of it.

I want the room to have a black and white backdrop, with pops of color and maybe a great wallpaper to break it up, so of course I have been spending some time inspiration hunting. Here are some favorites I´ve gathered, enjoy!


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All I have to do right now is waiting for a wall to arrive… I´ll share some images as soon as we start working on his little dome of greatness.



A small collection of greatness from my recent inspiration hunts is coming your way.



1. Johanna Bradford´s beautiful home, via 2. Beauty in the bedroom, via 3. Artist apartment, via 4. Lamp crush, via 5. Kitchen details, via 6. Copenhagen classics, via 7. Outdoor nap area, if only we had sun, via 8. Sit down, via 9. Amazing home tour, via



1. This is what I call a great statement coat, via 2. One in every color please, via 3. The must have shirt dress, via 4. I would wear this as my wedding dress, easily, via 5. I am in love with these sneakers, via 6. Grey on grey, via 7. Go floral, via 8. The midi wrap skirt, via 9. The fringe, via



1. Tomato toast, via 2. Fig salad, via 3. Melon and cucumber mint salad, via 4. Poached ginger pears, via 5. Carrots with black garlic and herb yoghurt, via 6. Broad bean salad, via 7. Ricotta and banana toasts, via 8. The Papi Chulo sauce, via 9. Salad dreams, via



1. The perfect gown shot, via 2. Venue goals, via 3. This shot, via 4. The gown, via 5. Floral cake inspiration, via 6. Seattle greenhouse wedding, via 7. Urban florals, via 8. Mountain bridals, via 9. The backdrop, via

Baby Bean


1. Blanket from WittsEndDesign, via 2. Tell Kiddo nursery, via 3. Tiny Cottons, via 4. How amazing is this? via 5. Future shelf situation for the Beans room, via 6. ZARA greatness, via 7. The Bean would absolutely love this wooden bunny plate, via 8. Rylee + Cru lookbook, via 9. Wooden lego, via 



I have been rolling around the used furniture market, looking for some pieces to add to our collection… On my way around I came across the amazing Oti chair by Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea – this amazing Bertoiaesque thing from the eighties got me smitten. So as my natural instinct is to dive into the deep end, I started hunting for other Ikea treasures from the past… And I did not get disappointed! So now I have a ton of Ikea on my vintage hunt list, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Järpen Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Moment Sofa by Niels Gammelgaard

Oti Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Amiral Chair by Karin Moberg

Eke Chair by Gillis Ljunggren

That’s it for now, so, what’s your favorite?

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