It’s Sunday again, and with that comes another Sunday share! I’ve been down with some sick, so I’ve been leaning on the H for support and the Bean for comfort and entertainment. I’ve still found the time to browse around for some much-needed inspiration though, and here comes the big purge, enjoy!



1. On the hunt for some picture wall inspiration these days, via 2. Christmas spirit, via 3. This nook, via 4. A pretty Swedish home, via 5. Great collection of home design pinners to follow, via 6. Bedside inspiration, via 7. That wall, via 8. This situation is going to happen in our bathroom asap, via 9. Eucalyptus ftw, via



1. Gray on gray, via 2. This dress, via 3. Go simple, via 4. The feminine suit, via 5. Epic style for winter, via 6. This combination, via 7. Black and white, via 8. Bucket bag cravings, via 9. Coat inspiration, via



1. Chickpea stew, via 2. Blueberry and poppy seed cake, via 3. Spicy maple roasted carrots with crispy lentils, via 4. Shanghai fried noodles, via 5. Roasted beets, via 6. Avocado toast, via 7. Thai green curry with spring vegetables, via 8. Autumn glow salad with lemon dressing, via 9. Coconut curry noodle soup,  via



1. Icelandic wedding, via 2. Gown crave, via 3. Winter wedding tablescape, via 4. Vintage Swedish wedding, via 5. I need these invitations for my wedding! via 6. The perfect ceremony space, via 7. Spring garden wedding, via 8. The perfect warehouse wedding, via 9. DIY wood wedding sign, via

Baby Bean 


1. Inspiration for a boys room, via 2. A lovely towel for the little one, via 3. Modern nursery inspiration, via 4. Nursery shelf, via 5. Adorable wooden toys for the Bean, via 6. Wondering if it’s time to put together an advent calendar for the bean, inspiration via 7. Baby winter by Zara, via 8. Ikea hacks for kids, via 9. Feeling a full on crave for everything in this picture, via



It’s been a couple of busy weeks around here! The fixing of the kitchen is coming to an end, the Bean has had his naming event and we are finally starting to settle… Just in time for the Christmas stress to sneak up on us, this year I feel like I need to put some effort into making this home feel like Christmas belongs here since the Bean is scooting around…

Even though the kitchen is finally falling into place, I am still on the look-out for home inspiration for the next project on the list. Last night at around 22:00 we decided to mix everything up, so now our living room has been swapped with out dining room, and it feels 10 times as comfy! So now we have a huge open space with a dining table, loads of space for the little one to scoot around and a smaller cozier tv nook… Next on the list is creating a good work space downstairs, with storage for stuff like towels, sheets, bedding etc. Bring it on!

Since I feel like I am living in some sort of never ending home making project, I am always on the look-out for some good home inspiration. This week I came across this lovely home up for grabs over at Alvhem. It is everyhting I would want my home to be, light, bright and charming. I’m especially loving the kitchen, what’s there not to love really? The mix between old and new, and those deep blue details… I’m sold!

{all images via}



It’s been a long time since I’ve touched on the wedding subject, but it’s no big secret I am a big fan of the whole wedding scene. I love the idea of pouring all your energy and creativity into one big event. I can’t wait to plan my own wedding some day, my biggest issue is gonna come down to not getting too hung up on every little detail. . . I have a tendency to get a bit detailed oriented, in most aspects of life, I can spend half a day cleaning one shelf. Well, back to the theme of the night, the autumnal wedding! In my eyes. autumn is the perfect season for a wedding… We’re talking amazing colors, crisp autumn weather (I don’t want to be overheated on my wedding day) and on top of it all; wedding peak season is over! Personally I would love a wedding just about the time where autumn breaks out, where the lines between the seasons are perfectly blended, and then add it with some brightness from a few citrus additions – that would make me happy!

I recently came across Paperless Postwhich gives you the option to do your invites online, great option, but I must admit I am more of a paper in hand kinda girl when it comes to wedding invitation. No worries, you can also get the invites in the old-fashioned paper form… They have a great collection of wedding invitations. I fell in love with this lovely invitation from Rifle Paper Co., Citrus Orchard, and I thought it would be a great starting point for a wedding inspiration post.

So here it is, a citrus autumn wedding inspiration flow, enjoy!

Citrus Orchard

The Bride


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via

The Flowers


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via

The Reception


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via 

The Cake 


1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via



I’ve been on the move lately, we’ve finally got someone to come in and fix up the kitchen! So as the work has been going on I’ve been spending some time at my parents place. Hoping the work will be done this week, then the pictures will be coming your way! The H is at home taking care of the details with the workers, so I do get some daily hints in the form of images, but I do wish I was there to witness it myself! Can’t wait to start hunting for the smaller details now, cookware galore! And the biggest change will be our new built-in pantry, can’t wait to organize it all!

Whilst we wait for the greatness I’ll give you one of my shares, hope you enjoy it!



1. This mastery of grey, via 2. This lovely home, via 3. One kitchen, two cool styles, and since we’ve gone for a black wall in our kitchen I’m in love, via 4. Lamp crush, via 5. This wallpaper inspiration, bedroom crush, via 6. Pantry inspiration, next kitchen project in the making, via 7. Check out this lovely Scottish home, via 8. Lush place to flush! via 9. The perfect collage wall, via 



1. White layering, via 2. Black leather rucksack, via 3. Skirt crush, via 4. The perfect outfit, via 5. In love with this ring combo, via 6. Coat crush, via 7. 15 wardrobe essentials for winter, via 8. The bag, via 9. Silver loafers, via



1. Poached pears, via 2. Mushroom gnocchi and walnut pesto, via 3. Go matcha, via 4. Caramel apple cider float, via 5. Kale and cauliflower soup, via 6. Quinoa salad, via 7. Dinner crave, via 8. Grapefruit panna cotta, via 9. Ginger roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad, via 



1. Italian wedding inspiration, via 2. Wedding dinner dream setting, via 3. Vintage inspired wedding dress, via 4. Modern Scottish warehouse wedding, via 5. DIY balloon wedding menus, via 6. Vernal Bloom by Georgia Young, via 7. The flowers in her hair, via 8. Desert wedding, via 9. That gown, that setting, via

Baby Bean


1. Vintage toy wagon, via 2. Ferm Living crush, via 3. Is it too early for the Bean to have his own advent calendar? via 4. The perfect shoes for the little one, via 5. In love with this map wall, via 6. Outfit for autumn, via 7. Commonfolk mini bear, via 8. Future playroom inspiration, via 9. Nursery inspiration, via



We are already talking about our next home since we need to move to a bigger place at some point, the Bean needs his own space… Sharing a bedroom with the little one is working right now, I feel comfortable knowing he is just a hands reach away and I have a tendency to check him at least three times before I can sleep, but at some point he will be in need of his own room… Since time seems to fly right by when you have a child it feels right to start planning home number two early.

One thing I have already decided on is that I want a plywood headboard, right now we can’t have a headboard, our bed is right below our window… But in the future, this is happening! Whilst hunting for the perfect plywood headboard I’ve come across an amazing array of plywood inspiration, a little bit of plywood inspiration for every room in the house has made its way to my heart. So I thought I’d share some plywood favorites with you guys, enjoy!



Recently I came across this little apartment gem. First of all, this home is out-of-bounds to us, seeing we are a trio, plus a dog. But there is a lot of inspiration to take from this one, especially the reclaimed factory windows as a room divider. Common! That’s one of my never-ending home craves!  Besides the ultimate interior crave, this home does have some other brilliant features… Like, how about that accent wall with different strokes of paint? I love it! And the vivid use of art throughout the space. The loft guest bed is a wonderful addition as well, great use of space in a smaller apartment.

If this was on Airbnb, and not up for sale, I would book it just so I could experience living in this home. You know those spaces you come across which makes you want to build your whole trip around it. This is definitely one of those homes!

Enjoy some visual inspiration…

{all images via}



If there is one thing I can’t seem to get enough of it is a great shelf situation. Personally I am dreaming of a living room sizeable enough to fit an entire wall of shelving… For everything I hold dear, and of course, an amazing collection of books. I grew up in a home with a bookshelf in every room, so for some reason this is one of the things I really want to give to the Baby Bean as well, access to stories, knowledge and everything in between.

Here are some spaces with what I would call a serious shelf game going on… Enjoy!

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