I have been rolling around the used furniture market, looking for some pieces to add to our collection… On my way around I came across the amazing Oti chair by Niels Gammelgaard for Ikea – this amazing Bertoiaesque thing from the eighties got me smitten. So as my natural instinct is to dive into the deep end, I started hunting for other Ikea treasures from the past… And I did not get disappointed! So now I have a ton of Ikea on my vintage hunt list, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.

Järpen Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Moment Sofa by Niels Gammelgaard

Oti Chair by Niels Gammelgaard

Amiral Chair by Karin Moberg

Eke Chair by Gillis Ljunggren

That’s it for now, so, what’s your favorite?

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I have had the longest hiatus! A lot of things have been going on over here, and I have simply not found the energy nor time to sit down and focus. I am finally feeling like things are starting to get back to a sort of normal… So I’ve decided to pick it up again, with a slow start – by sharing some pictures of what I’ve been up to lately… Good food, London, snuggles with the pup, playtime with the Bean and everything in between!



We are at the end of January, and it feels like the right time for the first Sunday Share of 2016. I am soon heading back to work after my lovely maternity leave, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks tying up some loose ends. I have a job that demands a lot of travel, to be honest, I am not looking forward to that! So far I’ve only been away from the Bean for one night, and it was not my favorite night… So going back to being gone for three and four nights at a time, not to happy. At the same time, it will be refreshing going back to work, having something different to focus on for a change. And between shifts, I do have seven days of off time, which makes it possible for me to be home mum deluxe.

At the same time we are looking into expanding, not the family just yet, our living arrangements. I am craving a house, desperately! So for now, I will use that as an escape from thinking about going back to work!

Here is a collection of inspiration from my many inspiration roamings. Enjoy! Btw, absolutely recommend the avocado and salmon toast, best breakfast we had all week!



1. Bedroom crush, via 2. The most beautiful home, via 3. Office inspiration, via 4. The ultimate bathroom, via 5. All green home, via 6. Breakfast nook, via 7. Mid-century home in Los Angeles, via 8. I need that tub, so in love, via 9. The shelving in this kitchen, yes please, via 



1. All black everything, via 2. Sweater weather cravings, via 3. Thakoon Addition, unknown source 4. Dream bag, via 5. Stacking ring, via 6. The Bronson coat, via 7. Green coat for the win, via 8. How to dress like a New Yorker, via 9. Tan Nike, via 



1. Mushroom pasta with goats cheese, via 2. Chocolate chip & pistachio meringue cookies, via 3. Black beans taco with kiwi salsa, via 4. Brown rice, green pea & avocado salad, via 5. Avocado on toast with smoked salmon, via 6. Garlic carrots, via 7. Baked eggs, via 8. Mascarpone soft serve, via 9. Grapefruit pudding, via 



1. Old world wedding inspiration, via 2. 06 St. Chad’s place wedding, via 3. Latin American garden wedding inspiration, via 4. Lovely spot for a wedding shoot, via 5. Venue crush, via 6. Industrial warehouse wedding, via 7. The cake, via 8. The red gown, via 9. Bohemian wedding inspiration, via

Baby Bean


1. Tipi crush! via 2. The mocs, the colours, in love! via 3. House of Jamie, via 4. Romper dreams for summer, via 5. Future Bean room inspiration, via 6. One for me, one for the H and one for the Bean, via 7. Ferm Living makes the most amazing bedding, via 8. Need all of this for the Bean, unknown source 9. More Ferm for the go, via



I came across this amazing Swedish apartment on one of my inspiration hunts, and I simply have to share it! This space has everything I want for our new home. A lovely color pallet, a lot of natural light, exposed brick, a charming kitchen, amazing wooden floors and lovely details from one end to the other. The list goes on and on and on.

I need to figure out how to create a color like the one in the living room, it is the perfect light gray! I am also crushing on the small walk-in wardrobe with the harlequin flooring in black and white. Just have a look at these images, there’s no way you won’t find something you love. . .

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So 2016 is here! Looking back at 2015 I realize it’s been one of the best years of my life! The main thing being that we got to meet the Bean, and we got to spend every day getting to know his weirdness, charm and all that comes with it. The H popped the big question, I said yes of course. We’ve been nowhere far away, but at the same time, it feels like we’ve traveled the world this year. Can’t wait to see what 2016 have to offer!

Here’s a shot from one of the best days this holiday – the Beans first snow day! The funniest thing was watching him try his best to catch snowflakes with his tongue, he really has to taste everything these days.


Over to New Years Eve! This is the first time I’ve hosted a full on New Years Eve dinner. The combination of cleaning house, running around with a 9-month-old on my arm and cooking a huge dinner was way stressful, but the end results made it all worth it.

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So there you have it, a little bit of our New Years Eve dinner.




At the moment I am in the midst of preparing for New Years Eve, we’re having some friends over for a relaxed dinner. Even if it is a relaxed dinner I have a million things to get ready for the night. It’s the first time we’re doing anything big in the dinner department in this apartment, so I’ve got prep lists everywhere (I am a bit of a listoholic). Luckily we’ve ended up with some great kitchen gear this Christmas, so I can’t wait to break in some new pots and pans tomorrow. Also, I can’t wait to have a slow New Years Eve with the little one. It was such a joy being part of his first Christmas, so his first New Years Eve will be a party!

I have a crush on eucalyptus these days, I’ve bought a couple of bundles of it for tomorrow night. Planning to create some sort of table runner like decorations. As I was looking around for some inspiration I came across too many good images to leave it alone. I wish I had enough to fill some of my vases, especially one for the kitchen. I guess one of the first things to do in 2016 is going to be throwing some eucalyptus in vases! Just have a look at these great images… Enjoy!

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