From the constant hunt for inspiration springs the urge for BOOKS – both for reading and viewing purposes. Books plays such a big role in life and in a home (at least for us), they are a source to knowledge and inspiration. Books can give you an entry to some far off land where everything is turned up side down or into the mind of someone greater than life. And as it gives us all of this, knowledge, inspiration, an escape; they can also be a nice addition to your home as singular pieces of art. Something that stands out as a representation of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going… We’ve been inspired by all the amazing ways people display their books and magazines, and how perfectly they seem to blend into their homes – as if it would not be the same without that one book or that huge stack of magazines.






The Tom Ford book is on the “to-get-list”, simplicity in its best form. via 


both via



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