Some like them mounted, some like them on print, some like them in bed, some like them under the table and some like them on their body. Yes, I (M) am talking about animals. I am a big fan of animals, and yes I do mean fan, if there is ever a race between a car and a horse or a kid and a puppy, I will cheer on the horse and the puppy. Animals fascinate me, I sketch them, I hang them on my wall, I love them cuddled up in a ball next to me on the couch (the joy of having a tiny dog with a big dog personality), I love it when I am out with my horse and encounter deer or anything else not human. . . But I must say I have never considered getting an animal drawn on my body – and it being there forever. Lately I’ve been coming across some pretty shamazing tattoos of animals, not the usual “oh it’s a tiger crawling around my bellybutton ring!”, it is woodland creatures, soaring swallows and city foxes. It all started with this:

which led to this:


all images via 



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