We have decided to do a countdown to the 15, the big “MOVE IT” date. H will be flying over from London, carrying whatever he’s got in two suitcases (pretty impressive, and most likely because he is a man) and M will be at the airport waiting. . . M’s 20 something bags and suitcases will already be placed all over the apartment. In Norway it is the 10th right now, so it will be 5 days of counting down, and we have decided to do it music style. Each day we will add a tiny amount of songs that reminds us of “us”, the season (summer even though it is not present in Norway at the moment, it actually snowed last weekend) and the idea of living together. The musical treats of the day are:

Wu Lyf – We Bros

Because it is perfect for summer.

Asa – Leave the Light On (Stumbleine Remix)

Because it is what we will be listening to when we are tired of unpacking and need a “on-the-floor-nap-session”.

SBTRKT feat. Jessie Ware – Right Thing to Do

A vitamin pill to keep us going when we feel like giving it all up.




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