I am a firm believer of shoes not being something that should be hidden away, of course I am not reffearing to a pair of old sneakers or the wellies whit no sole (or soul if you want). . . I am talking about the shoes that you can’t stop looking at because they are so beautiful, or the ones you splurged on and have just used once but will never get rid off – yes I am talking about the gems of your collection. My shoe collection has taken a fair beating in the moving process. I have had to sit down and part ways with many pair – mostly because I will never wear them again and I would not spend time looking at them in pure awe of their beauty. . . In our new flat I want to make space for the shoes, in my former accomodations I’ve been sharing too little space with too many people – another backside to the life of a student. But now it’s a different story, a place that will fit me, my H, my dog and my shoes, oh happy day! Right now I am on the hunt for smart ideas of how to do it. Here is some inspiration:

This is a favorite, love that it does not look cluttered or “over-stocked” at all.

This is for the ones with too much space and too much cash.

I adore this one. This just works on every level.

I have fallen for this idea. So simple and so much fun (swapping shoes around). I am easily amused.

Another one I simply adore. The concept of displaying it a 1oo% is brilliant.

This is gorgeous, but the little sign at the top of the door makes me want to puke a bit . But if I cover that with my finger I am in bliss.

This is one for the overly organized, or the ones with a personal assistant to do their dirty work. I am neither, so you wont see me on the floor packing shoes in boxes.

One for the monochromatic ones out there. . . I am a bit monochromatic my self. . .

Perfect scenario: Me + that chair, me looking out the window as I flip through my magazines.

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    • designtrolls

      Nope. . . That is why I would need a 24-hour live-in-shoe-nanny to keep track of my shoes. . . Too much hassle if you ask me. . . And I love looking at shoes, not lame labels!

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