A collection of walls that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. . . Not something I would do in my own home, but still, it makes me happy to flick though these images!

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  1. This Sydney Life

    A friend of mine has papered the smallest room in the house with photographs and articles of people she loves in the world. It looks amazing. I love the bottom image, particularly.

    • designtrolls

      Wow, pretty impressive, you have to have some guts to do that. . . Probably looks amazing, but it is quite a step to take. . . I would probably freak out half way hehe

  2. Jar Of Salt

    I really love how you curate the images in this blog. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder — and I like looking at how you put beauty together in this site! Again, these are walls I would love to have in my home, throw in random wooden head knife block somewhere there? I have painted a huge mural on my own wall before but realized I had no photos of it! Here’s the One Lovely Blog award, just to say that I think your site makes for a really fun read: http://jarofsalt.com/2012/05/12/grateful-fridays-one-lovely-blog-award/ Happy weekend 🙂

    • designtrolls

      I’ll remember to start copying random wooden head knife blocks into my images. . . It should be your mascot. Jar of Salt + the Wooden Head Knife Bloc! Hm you should really take a picture of your mural, would love to see it 🙂

      • Jar Of Salt

        Heehee. It will be like a Where’s Wally concept for design, the macabre version :p Funny you would ask to see the mural. It’s sad though. I painted it in a building flat that attracted artists, models and photographers. Then one day, barely 6mos into the rent, we all get a notice that they were converting it into a hotel (VERY nice one, too!). I left thinking I had a picture of it, but apparently I didn’t. My friend, fortunately, got a grainy shot through a low-res camera phone. It’s the only souvenir I’ve got 😦 I’ll post it one of these days for posterity.

      • designtrolls

        Wow that is sad, too bad. . . Would love to see it 🙂 Maybe they decided to keep it, and some fortunate hotel guest gets to see it 😉 Where’s wally – Where’s the knife head? Lacking a better name for it hehe

  3. Jar Of Salt

    One of the people who developed it is a friend asked him if I could go up and take home my chunk of concrete home! He was pretty sure he saw it as the walls were being knocked down. From the street, I could see the walls of my old flat during construction. It was heart-breaking to watch 😦 Hard to miss even from below, with the turquoise and lime green walls. The building attracted colorful people for decades — models, photographers, artists, musicians. So during construction, I could see many walls painted with their own artwork! As a tribute to its former tenants, the new owners turned it into a tasteful but groovy hotel …and called it Picasso 🙂

    • designtrolls

      Wow that is so sad. But liking the name of the hotel though, a bit of a tribute 🙂 Hm I have never lived in a “artist collective”, I was invited to go to live in one in Brooklyn once – turned it down because of my studies, but I was seriously considering, I had even gotten to the point where I was almost constantly playing “you make me wanna do new york” music. But being a student I have lived with some weird ass people, only one artist – and she wasn’t weird at all. . .

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