Summer is right around the corner, well technically it is summer, it is just not where it should be here in Norway. The weather is moody, but who cares – summer is so much more than warm weather; it is the season of optimism, long nights, park life and color. And for the season we are thinking about the posibility of adding some pastels to our home. Got some inspiration, but we don’t want to take it as far as some of these have, we are more in the “just a tad” corner of the pastel field. Still here are some pastel-not so pasty-inspirations:

M died a bit (in a good way) when she discovered the true gem in this image – the pastel dinosaur skeleton. . . The hunt begins!

How about making some organized clutter with some pastel books? Maybe – maybe not

The kitchen in the corner, the right color, not to nauseating. . .  Since nausea is a possibility when meddling in the pastels. . .

Save the best for last (if you don’t count the pastel dinosaur skeleton) – Ferm really knows how to do colors. . .

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