… with nothing more than one bag to show for it… It is true. I was there to help someone out getting stuff for tow flats at work – and suddenly it dawned on me – oh I should get some stuff for our new place – and then I realized; I’ve got noooo measurements. So I just got some of the small stuff you grab as you pass through the store, like decorative bottles, a brilliant marble mortar for our kitchens, some pretty nice little boxes for the kitchen + + + But the favorite items of the little shopping trip of today definitely came from a Indiska. I love the selection they’ve got of cups, they are always a bit out of the ordinary and absolutely stunning. . . So when you don’t use them you can “accidentally” leave them out and about around your house – so your guests can be envious of your pretty selection of cups. As we all know – cup envy is the best sort of envy! (Be it a cup of coffee or a cup size) I will be taking pictures of the thingies I’ve picked up as soon as the place is sorted out. Oh jess, maybe I should explain the whole “HELL” bit. To me Ikea is hell, it is my favorite version of hell, but still – it is hell. I am always optimistic when I walk in through the sliding doors – imagining all the beautiful things I can bring home – I often carry a neat well thought out shopping list – big smiles all around. Then it hits me – too many people – too many sections – too many items. I end up forgetting most of the important stuff I need – and at the end of it all I usually leave with at least ten things I didn’t even think of getting and probably don’t need. And my feet are constantly screaming for help, even after just five minutes – oh how I do love the psychosomatic Ikea pain. Then let’s jump back to the mugs or cups. Found one of the sets I got online, so you’ll get a peek at least before I add images I’ve produced myself – this is the “Dragon Mugg”, it is a Swedish brand so yes it is MUGG not MUG, enjoy!

I can’t wait to serve H tea in these – gotta be tea since he is a Brit 😉



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