We are finally getting to the point where our house is turning into a home, or more correctly our apartment is turning into a home. Here are some images showing our home this far – or at least the decorative part of it.

It feels pretty good to finally get a feeling of everything coming together – quite slowly – but at least there is movement. These are some of our favorites right now, images on the walls, M’s vintage kokeshi dolls and the wooden dinosaur toy, the black bone skull and some fresh roses, the owl lamp and the “knitted” vase, our lovely radio, and the coffee table with lovely drawers to display stuff we love. . .




    • designtrolls

      Love the vase, came across it today, cheap and all. . . So I am quite happy about that one. . . It is amazing, to finally be able to say “we live here” and feel it hehehe. . . *M*

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