Red is not one of my favorite colors – not even close to it. . . Even though it is not up there on the list of colors I adore I try to be more color adventurous. I do my best to find images and other stuff that will make me feel more comfortable around colors like red and green – this by finding images that I adore containing those colors. Here is my go at pops of red. Oh and just so it is said – I do own and wear a red dress.

I think I could do my own show – M does color. Basically me being put into a room covered in a color I don’t feel comfortable with. Might just be entertaining for the one I live with…since he is quite “impressed” with my color pallet basing on so few colors it is a shame. I came home with loads of new stuff for the apartment yesterday and I was a bit proud cos not all of it was white, then the architect of life (H) had to bring up the fact that grey is on the same scale as white – so it didn’t really count 😉



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