…it’s sunday, I’m burnt (skin not made for this kind of sun), I’m living in slow motion – and I am inspired. Here is a collection of what inspires me the most today. Sunday inspiration craze I guess.

The idea of having a bar at home. I do not drink much, but I wouldn’t mind the availability and the smugness of a bar in my home.

I must admit – I love the first one – but options are always good.

This Hermes drink tray – I crave it. It would look amazing anywhere in my apartment.

This room inspires me. The pink sofa (I am a girl who is not fond of pink), the books, the graphic prints, the floral pillow and the prints on the wall. . . All together perfect!

I’m inspired by this corner – I wish this corner belonged to me and nobody else. That chair is perfection, I adore the light-bulb, the wooden monkey with the brilliant expression on his/her face and once again I fall for a room with images scattered in a perfect combination on a white wall. . . Predictable? Me?

Kitchen inspiration always get’s me going, even if it is the one room in our apartment I can’t do much about. . . Still a girl can dream.

Crazy – lovely – adoring – sexy – out of this world colored hair inspires me. It is not for me, to do it personally, I will stick to my ginger red hair. . . But I want to go crazy in a wig shop and start photographing it all. . .

This image inspires me in several ways – color, composition bla bla bla. . . but mostly because it is absolutely amazing, can you tell me you are not wondering for one second “who is this girl?”. . . She is out in day time wearing a huge neon yellow ball gown texting on her phone. I adore it!

And I will finish this off with this; I get inspired by organization skills. . . I wish I had them!




    • designtrolls

      I am just wondering where I can get a hold of one. . . Tried ebay – all that came up were hermes ashtrays for 400-1000 dollars. . . Not my cup of tea

      • This Sydney Life

        Yes – I rather suspect drinking is a more popular pass-time than smoking these days. Makes finding ashtrays easy and drinks trays more difficult! Good luck with that! (I’d try going to Hermes direct if you’re serious about having one, but you’ll pay big bucks)

      • designtrolls

        I will have to get to that point where I believe a big chunk of my money is worth a drink tray. . . That is my biggest problem with Hermes as a brand – it is one of those brands with a price range that makes it so hard for me to defend a buy. . . I can defend a buy from a lot of brands – with lines like “this burberry trench is a thing that will last for generations” or “this chloe bag is soft – therefor it is worth it” – I know the last one is quite the reach but Hermes is playing at some prices that is in the category of “un-defendable” hehe at least for now. . . When I do not have 6000 pound left on my spending account every month hehe šŸ˜‰ *M*

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