We do love an amazing chair. And the question is, who doesn’t?

The hunt for an amazing chair or twenty amazing chairs is on! Here is some images we’ve gathered to get the inspiration juices flowing. We will start off with M’s top three list:

1. The Wire Chair

Comfort level? Who knows, the dog is also a part we would gladly take on as an addition to the chair…

2. The Safari Chair

It looks comfy, it looks gorgeous… Would fit perfectly in M’s ultimate dream, her readers corner.

3. The (wet dream) Eames Chair

Be it in any color, shape or form. . . Give us the rocking chair, the lounge chair or 6 for our dining table!

Here are some more inspiring chairs for any house, cottage, villa or apartment:




  1. Stacey@aGh

    Love your choices! I have a good chair fetish, myself. The Bertoia diamond chair is quite comfortable but only with the solid chair pad…otherwise the wires really bite into you. It’s so cool, though. The Eames chairs are my favs. Have them in every room and they’re always comfortable! You have a wonderful blog packed full of inspiration. I really enjoyed looking through!! Your pictures are gorgeous.

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