I must admit my love for tea has been a bit of a bumpy road. At first I didn’t enjoy it, then I had a sort of “tea-period” where I spent hours selecting the perfect blend to suit my mood, and then I returned to a life without tea. . . And now I have reached that moment where my relationship to tea is absolutely perfect. I have a new-found love for tea and all that comes with it.

My favorite tea these days is from Pukka. The tea is so tasty and the brand not only has something for all of your different moods and all of your different states of mind – they look good as well. Yogi is my other favorite tea brand at the moment, love the “words of wisdom” that comes with each tea-bag. A friend of mine collects them in her wallet, always fun to rummage through them over a cup of tea or even a glass of red wine.

Here are some images that makes me want to get a kettle on and enjoy some hot tea.

all images via




    • designtrolls

      Wow I love them, I must admit I am a big fan of the tea pot. . . The pose of the girl is so “oh dammit, I am naked and someone is looking”. . .
      Brilliant! *M*

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