I see a wave of romance coming this summer. . . Both when it comes to fashion and when it comes to interior trends – and I must admit it kinda scares me. I know – as most of us do – it is the season. Pastels makes their way back to the streets and into the homes of closet romantics all over the spectrum – so does lace, flowers, pink lips and flowing fabrics – even public display of affection. I am not saying that I am scared of everything connected to romance – I have just never seen my self as a blue-eyed romantic (even though I have blue eyes). I have never seen my self as a girly girl either. I do wear skirts and dresses 98% of the time – the two remaining % is spread out on these activities – showering and other water activities, horseback riding and other work out related activities, sleeping (a third of the time I do wear a dress) and my semi nudist moments between dresses or skirts. I do enjoy flowers – who doesn’t – they both look and smell good – two great qualities. I do have a plan to amp up my lipstick collection – and no, there will be no crazy pink. I do love flowing fabrics – because they look so good when you move or when you open a window and the wind makes its way into your home. I do love jewelry – mostly because I am addicted to that which shines and glimmers. But, yes there is a but, and it is pretty big. BUT I do not find this to make me a romantic. I do not sleep on rose petals, I do not plaster lace on everything that passes my way, I do not want everything around me to have a pastel feel to it and I do not sleep in a room filled with balloons. . . So I guess I fall head over heels down the slope to the category called “the moderate romantic”. And I will embrace this moderately romantic side by showing you these glimmers of romantic hope (meaning these images that I find to be romantic and I like)



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