Sometimes you come across a song that warps you back in time, to a moment, to a single night, to a person from the past, to a past relationship or even to a whole period of your life. It can make you recall the remains of what used to be. . . and you can once more feel that joy you felt on a sunny morning waking up on a roof top with a summer fling or the pain of a broken relationship you had forgotten all about. It is one of the most beautiful things about music, at least to me, that one single song can contain so much emotion and so many memories. It amazes me every time I get what you could call an emotional flash back. And tonight, in the midst of my furious revision before my final exam, I was suddenly hit by a wave of memories. And the weirdest thing is, this was a cover of the song I connect to the person in question, but still it all just came rushing back. I know a lot of people who avoid these songs as the plague, the songs that keeps those memories alive, me on the other hand, I keep them close. Maybe I can be seen as a bit of an emotional masochist, but all of the joy and sorrow you have once felt – I think it is important not to forget – especially the amazing feeling of love and joy. But also remember the sorrow, it is a reminder that you have to embrace all that is good – not many things last forever.



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