Being what you could call visually impaired I am one of those people who cannot live without my specs. Good thing for me – I love them! And I wish I had the funding to access all the different glasses I want. . . Being that my sight is crazy bad it is quite the expensive ordeal to buy glasses, especially when I try to validate it with “I would love to change it up once in a vile” – even more so since I already have three pairs, so I do have the “change-it-up-possibility”. . . But why should one be reasonable? Here is some “specs-inspiration” from me to you:

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  1. This Sydney Life

    As another ‘visually challenged’ blogger – I would like to change my glasses more frequently, too. I just have this weird shaped face which makes it hard to find groovy frames that fit… life is SO hard!!!

    • designtrolls

      I’ve got the same problem, finding glasses I feel happy about is quite a bit of a problem. . . This far – all of the glasses I’ve felt fitted my face (and personal style) perfectly have ended up being quite far up the price range as well – so getting multiple pairs is not that easy. . . what a horrific fact – only being able to get one pair of designer frames hehe. . .

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