I am still on the “I need to figure out if I can love it” trend quest. The trend I am trying to love this moment is the check trend – checkered dresses, shoes, floors and ceilings. One thing I have always adored is black and white checkered floors in kitchens and in hallways. . . Still I haven’t lived in a home where I have had the liberty to do it all my own way. . . at the same time I do have a bit of an aversion to the “men in checkered shirts”. After spending some time living in a student city in England it got a bit too much. Me and my friends used to count the “men in checkered shirts” every time we entered a pub – it was bordering on 90% of the male inhabitants of every single bar. Maybe I have stayed clear from these men long enough to start appreciating a good checkered shirt once more? Well, anyways, as I am hunting for checkered inspiration I find myself constantly returning to the checkered floor – so prepare for a “checkered floor overdose”!

Here goes – a trail of inspiration!

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  1. This Sydney Life

    IMVHO (in my VERY humble opinion!) it is the English blokes who are obsessed with checked shirts, and lilac is the favourite colour. BUT, it is also in England that I fell in love with gorgeous B&W chequered tiled floors. Classic AND gorgeous!

    • designtrolls

      Haha when I think about it you are right – my love for it is traced back to England as well! And btw the checked shirt spread quickly from England to Norway. . . But not to the same ammount at least 🙂

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