After my trip to Italy – especially the time spent in the Cinque Terre area – even more so the city of Levanto – I want a bike again. The city was filled by gorgeous vintage bikes – people on bikes – and every street seemed like a parking zone devoted to bikes. It seemed like every one in the city was on a bike at some point of the day – kids, hipsters, office workers and grandmothers. I loved it! We only spent one day renting some bikes – cycling between cities and along the beach – and yes it was hard to get into it again – been over a year since the last time I was on one (shame on me + shame on the city I have been living in – to scared to get a bike there hehe). . . The bike I want is a vintage looking bike – mostly because of the charm it brings with it. Many years ago I found this place that keeps tons of old bikes – and what you do is basically you go in and pick a bike – then the people there fix it up for you so it is suddenly up to date in function at least – and then “tam tam ta raaaa” you’ve got yourself a gorgeous city bike! And on top of it all – it was cheap! Need to hunt down that place once more – order a bike – get city biking! Another thing on the “post-Italy-wish-list” is a scooter – will get back to you on that later on… And I did snatch a lot of “bikes-in-streets-photos” when I was lost in space and time in Italy – will get back to you on that as well – for now, here’s what I want:


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    • designtrolls

      I must say I am in the crave zone for a brilliant bike right now – and it has to be a working-with-the-dress-and-skirt kinda bike – since I basically always run around in dresses and skirts. . . I must agree – WORTH IT! So I hereby congratulate you on your brilliant and worthy buy 😉 +M+

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