Ok here goes – time to talk a bit about the trip I had to Italy – and mostly flop out some images. I really fell in love with Italy when I was there. I’ve never been before and my expectations weren’t all over the place. I am now head over heels. I am going to do this in chapters – both because we traveled about a bit and because I need some time to sort out my images…

The first batch of images I will throw at you are from the first stop on the trip. The Lake Garda area. I really enjoyed the days we spent around this area – it included a trip to Venice – but I’ll get back to the images from Venice in a post all on its own – too much images for one go… The Images below are from a trip to a vineyard up in the mountainside and from a trip to the city Sirmione. Such a beautiful area – old buildings, fruity fresh gelato, clear turquoise clean water and the fresh smell of flowers.

Gelato heaven. . . Italians really know how to do ice cream.

My favorite house – covered in flowers.

Entry to the historical center of Sirmione…

Heaven – also known as the wine cellar.

Lovely finger food at the vineyard. So gonna give it a try at home – it had the best spicy honey dip.

The best way to decorate a table – let the guests taste the decor.

More to come – soon!




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