In this part of my “Italy collection” it’s gonna be all about Venice. During our stay in the Lake Garda area we headed to Venice for a day. Before we left I browsed about for ideas on what to do in Venice. One thing that popped up all over the place was “get lost in Venice”. We managed to do that at least – right of the bat to be honest. We walked and walked – thinking we were on some sort of track – at some point we realized we were not on any sort of track at all. . . But you know what – I loved every single minute of it. The city was gorgeous from start to finish.

I am definitely going back to Venice – next time hopefully with H and no one else. Seems like the perfect city to explore with the one you love. And such an amazing place to photograph – I got quite trigger happy – you will get to see a tiny inch of the result right here.

Getting closer.

Can’t help but thing – what if your wash falls down?

Loved all the tiny coffee shops and restaurants along the canals.

Red Venetian beer. . .

A guest for lunch. . . He/she had a thing for pasta.

If I ever decided to make an Italian fashion blog it would be named after this woman – “white lace, yellow and gold”.

Quite fascinated by all of the statues all over the city.

A bar in Venice – also a caffè.

Gardens in Venice – not too shabby.




    • designtrolls

      Thank you very much 🙂 I am most def. going back to Venice asap – loved it! The camera I used is my (now old and) beloved Nikon D80. The lense is mostly 17-70mm 🙂

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