Five things I wish enter my life in te week to come…

1. Maxi this and maxi that!

I have realized that it is quite the task getting a hold of nice maxi skirts and maxi dresses these days – or at least it is for me. I have been to every single corner of this forsaken city and every single time I try I come back empty-handed. I have some maxi pieces – but dammit(!) I want more!

2. Colorful lamps – come my way.

Since I am on the trail of bringing more color into my home – I want it to come in the shape of a pretty lamp.

3. Satchel up!

I don’t set of enough time or money for bags. Still in the financial mindset of a student. That is all going to change. And the first bag on the list will be a satchel – should probably have gone all out on one when I was a student in Britain – better late than never!


4. An arsenal of shirts.

I want shirts in every color and every style. A perfect shirt is the solution to most outfit issues

5. Shelves all over the place.

The thing that is missing in our flat at the moment – that is shelves. And I need shelves – I am somewhat of a shelve-addict. I have issues  living in an almost “shelfless” home – I need to do something about it.



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