On the road.

After our time in the Lake Garda area we decided to drive to Cinque Terre. I will come back to you with tons of images from our stay in Cinque Terre – one of the most amazing places I have ever set foot. On the way we had a short stop in the city of Sabbioneta, which was basically a ghost town. All in all I think we saw 5 people – one of them being our waiter. . .

After our short pasta stop in Sabbioneta we went on to get lost in the mountains between Parma and La Spezia. I must admit – at first – getting on the wrong road and ending up in the mountains was pretty exciting – but after about two hours all I wanted was to get to where we were going. At least it did opt for some good photos!

This is from Sabbioneta – also known as the ghost town.

We finally reached the Cinque Terre coast. . . Just to realize the roads were destroyed – not the best thing to happen – but just look at that view!

This is what most of the roads looked like on our way to Levanto. Those kind of “fences” were the only thing between our car and a leap into certain death.

We stopped in one of the cities among the mountains to ask for directions – and this is the view from up there – beyond amazing!

After about 245 near-death-experiences we finally reached our destination. This is the view from the terrace.

Miss it!




  1. Jeni Johnson

    Lovely, as a resident of the island, Sicily….I’ve enjoyed your photos…..Thank you.

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