One of the things I am craving these days is a colored door – or a door with some sort of print going on. Living in a flat I do not own – I realize that wish is not something that will get fulfilled any day soon. Still I can live in an ocean of inspiration – since that is what I do every day now. I fluff about and find inspiration – and I love it – I even got the time to do it – since I am no longer tied down by a students bad consciousness!

Well – back to the doors. A painted door reminds me of my endless walks around London, especially Kensington, Notting Hill and Angel/Islington. I always fantasize about the day I can reach for the keys in my Mulberry bag (gotta be true to Brittain) on my way up the stairs to the colorful door of my Islington abode. Oh how I wish it was today or even tomorrow would do.

I will make it mission from now on to photograph every beautiful colored door I come across!

If I ever live in a grey house I want a yellow door – this is just perfect.

This is for the more psychedelic at heart – a bit too much for me – but still had to tag along.

Brings me straight back to London!

Had to bring on some graphics as well. . . Since this is most likely what I would be able to do at this moment.

More yellow – yes – I do love yellow doors!

and as usual – imagesΒ via.




  1. This Sydney Life

    A friend in NZ supports local artists. Years ago, she had one paint her front door so that every-time someone visited they were exposed to his art. He has since become a very well known NZ artist…

  2. Jeni Johnson

    Great choices! Ive always loved yellow, red and teal doors. Wouldn’t you be able to paint your door from the inside then reprint it once you move out? How about the doors borders?

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