I have been on a trip to get myself to infuse more colors into my life, since I have a tendency to sway the more monochromatic way. But there is one color I do not know if I can do, and that is Chartreuse . . . yes – half way yellow half way green.

Why spend any time contemplating the question of “to Chartreuse or not to Chartreuse”? Well I seem to stumble upon this range of color quite often, and it is never a maybe moment, it is always a big yes or a big no moment. So I feel like there has to be a decision at the end of it. I have therefore decided to make one yes list and one no list.

Let’s start with the good – the yes pile:

Yes to the gown.

Yes to this combination – a tiny bit sceptical about the fabric on the chairs – but the rest makes up for it.

Yes to the cushions in the chairs – no fault here.

Yes to the pop of color.

Yes to the couch.

Yes to the maxi skirt.

Yes to the shoes. . . I want these!

Yes to the necklace!

A big yes to the bikini

…and an even bigger yes to this dining room!

Yes to theΒ &

I say yes to the maxi skirt once more. . .

Yes to the additions of color to such an otherwise muted pallet

and finally – I say yes to the chairs!

Then we have the not so good – the no go pile:

No to the kitchen – this is just too much.

No to the skirt – same reason as the kitchen above.

No to the jumpsuit – I know she looks good in it – but I also know I wouldn’t!

No – no – no. This is the reason zebras don’t wear Chartreuse!

I am tilting a bit to yes on this – since it would be soft to sleep on – but need to stick to my guns – no to the boa.

Again – no I can’t do the kitchen.

No to the mess!

Simply no.

No to the shoes

No to the mess!

…and a no to this dress…

No to the bedroom

No to this dining room

No to the nursery

I say no to the hair – she might make it work – I know I wouldn’t!

one word – no

I just have to say no to the ceiling

I think it is time to stop. . . Let’s add it all up:

Yes – 14

No – 17

So I am more sceptical than loving it – but what I love I really do love.

So my conclusion is – I am not to Chartreuse in big percentages. I should have it in with a teaspoon.




  1. Jeni Johnson

    I completely agree with you as the No’s are merging towards the color mustard and I’m not particular to that undertone of green and brown…. Great choices in pics! πŸ™‚

    • designtrolls

      Yep, she does – still I know I wouldn’t πŸ˜‰ Therefore I had to say oh no – no way Jose! I am rocking my ginger-doo, don’t think I would rock chartreuse πŸ˜‰

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