Today started off so good – sun was shining all is green. Went to the office – sat down – then it started pouring down – and it is still going on. It feels like summer has left or good right now – autumn is here!

I am impressed by those people who sticks to their summer guns and say “this weather will not change my feeling of summer” – I’m just not one of them though. My mind instantly starts drifting off to autumn (which by the way is my favorite season). . . And right now I crave some tartan. Since my better half is of the british persuasion I feel I deserve some tartan – especially a gorgeous tartan Vivienne Westwood dress – don’t you agree?

Here is some tar-tart-tartan inspiration . . .

The dress I so truly think I deserve. . . Since it fits my accent so well!

Camouflage yourself in tartan!

Saved one of the best ones til last – this tartan Eames amazeball. . . Yes it would work!

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  1. This Sydney Life

    I had to wear black watch tartan to school for 6 years, so I can’t see it without being reminded BUT that Vivienne Westwood dress has your name written all over it. Gorgeous!

    • designtrolls

      I am so happy I come from a country with no uniforms – at least not when it comes to school – so my relationship to tartan is not tainted. I need that Westwood dress – or any Westwood dress. . . Love her designs – perfection.

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