I like a pop of color – I also like a pop of something shiny – like something golden.

I am not talking “Donald-Trump-All-Consuming-All-Covering-Gold” – just a tad here and a tad there. A bit of indulgence is not a crime…

So let’s indulge:

Not only am I a fan of the sofa – I want this entire space – from the floorboards to the wooden figurines, the bar and the amazing art on the wall.

This chair might be a bit over the top – but I just had to bring it along – because it is so over the top it ends up being nothing less than fabolous!

By the way – where there is indulgence there is always over-indulgence – such a fine line!

all images via




    • designtrolls

      Thank you for the comment. . . Another thing I wish I had the space for – a tub. Miss living in a home with a tub – and I crave one with clawfeet…

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