One of the trends lurking around these days is mixed greens. When it comes to fashion – I am a natural sceptic to green, as long as it is not minty or in a dark jewel tone – simply because of my colors. . . When it comes to interior I am not as much of a sceptic as with fashion – but when I think of it – I do not have a lot of green in my home. Besides the odd plant or a bunch of flowers or two. I do like my plants and flowers – they do bring life to a home. Still – I wouldn’t mind a bit more green in my home – besides the plants and flowers that is – since they are a given.

Here is a fresh green mix for you:

And to end it all – here is some not so fresh greens:

Post-greenification I must admit I am in more of a green persuasion than I would admit at the beginning. . . Woops. Well besides the six identifications of why I see myself as a green sceptic.

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  1. Life & Sunshine

    Green is one of those colors, either your a fan or not…i like the mix you chose! go green!

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