It’s been one of those long weekends – where you just don’t feel you get enough rest – still it hasn’t been long enough.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration images picked up over these couple of days.

I have fallen head over heels for this space – might be a bit crammed for my taste – but the exposed brickwork and the tall as can be windows easily makes up for it.

I wish I could wear this Christian Dior dress from 1953 – if only in my own home.

I simply adore this – the white, the sheep skin on the chair and the stacked wood – it all works so perfect together.

I want this on my wall!

Love the turquoise bathroom wall as the backdrop for photos of a bride getting ready.

I wish I had this much space to organize my jewelry.

Combine Lindsey Wixon, a pony and some mock snow – then you’ve got it all!

Richard Gere on the phone. . . Want it on my wall.

Such a perfect bedroom. . . Can’t find one fault – if you discount the floor.

Max Von Isser – new male model. . . Look at that face – look at those eyes! I would love to photograph this guy.

I love this golden bracelet – if someone could tell me where to get a hold of one please do so…

Such a brilliant dining area – love the rugged round table combined with the Eames chairs – give it!

Cherry trifle – I want to munch on you!

Loving the idea of this clean, black and white bathroom.

I wouldn’t mind a couple of these in my home – perfect to put out when there are guests coming over.

I want a bar! I want to have the access to a bar whenever I want it. Mostly I want this because I have been craving a Mojito for two days – and with no access to what I need to create it – I am desperate.

Talk about new face – Kelly Mittendorf – I can’t get past her odd and unusual beauty. Another face I would love to photograph.

The one – the only – Björk – snuggling up with a polar bear. . .

Black and white kitchen – just like I want it to be.

And of course – the queen and the king – flipping us off!

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    Enjoyed every photo that bjork had me laughing! Yes, that 1st pic may be a bit cramped living spabe but I loved the style!

    • designtrolls

      Björk is pretty amazing 😉 I told my bf that I wanted to live in a space like the 1st image – only double or tripple the space hehe. . . He agrees – now it is all about finding a space like that – not the easiest thing I guess

    • designtrolls

      I know – it seems so perfect – besides the space issue. . . But I think I wouldn’t mind the lack of space as long as I had that exposed brick wall and those amazing huge windows.

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