Today I’ve had a big smack in the face – in a positive and self-inflicting kind of way. I have realized that I now am getting closer to having the financial means to do what I want to do when it comes to our apartment. So at the moment we are putting together a list of what we want done – and I will start organizing my inspiration – so we can get more of a clear image of what we want to get and what we need to get. Btw – you can check out my general inspiration from day-to-day at my pinterest. Here is a quick first draw of the list:

1. Hallway:

Right now our hallway is what you could call bland. . . It is just a white wall (nothing on it) and two shelves flipped and put on top of each other to fit footwear and other stuff… We need to do something about this.

Hallway inspiration:

I am in love with the shelving in this hallway – brilliant – and it also gives room for shoes on the floor. . .

I am in love with this one – the checkered floors and the cabinet. I know that I would not be able to fit that cabinet in my own hallway – but I do have room for something like it in our spare bedroom. . .

I just want one thing in this room – and that is the owl umbrella holder. . . We do actually need something to store our umbrellas in (we live in one of the rainiest cities ever) – and this would be the perfect thing! Note to self: get the flippin’ owl umbrella holder!

2. Bedroom:

The bedroom is also a bit of an unshaped space at the moment. Not much happening – a bed frame I do not like. . . And that’s about it. I would love for it to be more of a clean space – with pops of color here and there. And it is def. craving some pieces of art on the wall. As well as the basics we need to do something about the wardrobe – it is ok at the moment – just incredibly unpractical.

Bedroom inspiration:

I love the mix of black, grey and white combined with the natural wood and the flowers. . .

This is probably one of my favorite bedroom spaces ever. I am craving the vintage trunk as a bedside table – and I love the mix of muted colors.

This just looks like the perfect spot to fall asleep and to wake up.

3. Livingroom:

The livingroom is a fair enough space at the moment – but I still feel like there are some tweaks we can take care of. New sofa – more art on the walls – and def. more shelfs! I do not have enough shelf space in my home – and that is a true problem when it comes to me.

Livingroom inspiration:

Yes I would love a simple white + some black backdrop for my livingroom – but I would most likely sprite it up with some color here and there – once again – most likely. . .

4. Diningroom: 

The dining table has to go – and so has the chairs. It is Ikea quality – so it is not something that will live forever.

Diningroom inspiration:

I have a crush on the butterfly prints from Hagedornhagen. . . Perfect for the diningroom!

5. Office space:

At the moment we do not have sufficient office space. Since I love working on my images and H is an architect in the making – we need something better than “let’s work out of bed”. . .

Office space inspiration:

This would be perfect for us – since we are two – we would never have to fight over the workspace. And I do love the tape stag – my level of DIY hehe.

Another simple and lovable double workspace.

6. Kitchen:

Not too much to do about the kitchen – but I just want to get more of a charm to it – more accent pieces – shelving etc.

Kitchen inspiration:

Love the shelves in all of these kitchens – yes – I am one big shelf addict.

7. Dog space:

And then finally – we need dog space. By dog space I mostly mean a dog bed. We have the most adorable little silky terrier – but she does not want to sleep anywhere but the bed – even if she is not allowed – she starts of on the floor but every morning we wake up with the little fur ball at the end of our bed. So now we need to get her a dog bed that is more comfy than our bed – basically we have mission impossible ahead of us.

Dog space inspiration:

I could give DIY a go – and make a miniature version of this creation. . . It’s pretty neat – and maybe my lovely pup would feel at home. If you feel like giving the DIY dog bed a go check out how to do it here. (Thank you google translator!)

This is the perfect one – if she will use it. I did a lot of searching – and found the shop – if anyone else is interested you can get it here!

I could probably go on forever right now – but mentioning all the things that could do with some paint would be a bit over the top – even for me hehe.



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  3. Tracy hoover

    I have just come across ur amazing blog! Love your photography and collections. I have tried and tried to get the pics to load on this post: the list, without success. Is. There anything you could do on your end? Thank you! Tracy. Btw, I was linked the this post from Pinterest.. A kitchen shot.

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