I am maybe not the most adventurous person out there when it comes to colors – but I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to anything with a twinkle or a sparkle to it. I guess that is the part of the girly gene I got. Bring on the sparkles. I love what a tiny bit of sparkle can do to a room – like one or two sequined pillows or some glittering accent items tossed about in an apartment. . . Here’s some sparkle for you!

This is a bit over the top – even for me – but for inspirational purposes and its amazing awesomeness it had to come along!

This is the perfect throw for my bedroom . . . If anyone knows a place I can get something even remotely close to this please do tell me! I am no knitting talent so I need to get this from someone or somewhere else. . .

Loving the lights around the mirror. . .

Hanging your sequined dresses or even your sequined bra on the wall can liven up a room. I love to hand my favorite dresses up on my bedroom wall – since I love them and it is the typical dresses I do not get the chance to wear to often.

Throwing some sequined and glittered animals around ones house has never killed anyone – so why not give it a go?

The perfect sequined pillow – love the color choice.

Want this on my wall – even though I have some severe toe issues…

If I had a tub and was in need of a shower curtain I would most definitely go for this sequined one. Brilliant way to give a bit of life to a white bathroom.

Sequined statue in the bedroom? Not for me – but so over the top it had to tag along!

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