I am having a ball right now. For the next three days I am doing night shifts – oh the joy – so what more can I do than stock up on good inspiration for all of the changes I want to do to my home? Well high on the list of “to-get” right now is a record player. That is one item both me and the H agrees on – we want a record player. . . H is a big record buff – and I do love the aesthetical qualities of a beautiful record player – and I am a big music buff!

For some reason I seem to always start in the wrong end when it comes to homely changes – I seem to start in the details – like me wanting old posters, a record player, something to store my umbrella in and a Handira for my bed. . . I know I should probably be more on the furniture inspiration train, but look at these images and then answer this “can you blame me?”.

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So do you blame me? Look at all of this! Charming from one end to another! At the moment I am hunting the eBay and Etsy realms for some goodies on the record front – Joy Division, The Smiths, David Bowie is high on the list of items to get. . . Also – if anyone knows of some shamazing online record shops – please do tell!

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  1. kirazinn

    cool photos! nice legs with the photo with the turntable. if i knew how to play a record player i would own one too. Maybe someday i will learn how to use a turntable someday.

    • designtrolls

      Play a record player is the easiest thing in the world – put your record on and let it spin. . . A turn table on the other hand is a different story – and quite the mission 😉

      • kirazinn

        yeah but i’m not old school though. The last time i played a record i couldn’t know how to place the needle on the line to start the song.i almost scracth the record. LOL!

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