This is my weekly top-up of things I want. . . I just had a post filled with my desperate want for a record player – and tons of records – so I will put that aside. 5 more wishes of mine:

1. Brilliant ways to store and show off what I love! 

2. Some beautiful prints for my otherways boring bedroom walls! 

3. Anything knitted! 

4. Some colorful accents for my home!  

5. More skulltastic items!

Pinned Image

6. Some books for awe and inspiration – they do make a brilliant addition to a home. . . 

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Pinned Image

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    • designtrolls

      I say: GO FOR IT! I have set my sights on a sideboard from IKEA Stockholm… Trying to find the perfect vintage shop in my city – but it has not paid off this far – and i would love some vintage furniture in my home!

      • Alex @ northofseven

        LOL! I’m in the opposite problem of you. Our basement reno has ground to a halt and the sideboard is it terribly unused. It’s shameful I tell you. Good luck on your hunt! Post about it!

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