What is your favorite way to prepare for a new week?

My way to do it is to hunt the world of music for new and old tracks to sooth my soul, to wake me up and to shuffle me off to sleep in the midst of all the stress that can occur during a week. . .

So here is a playlist for the week to come!

I even think I might put it into different categories even – just for the sake of it!

Sooth the soul and chill out tracks for the week:

Wake up tunes for the week:

Ok – just have to mention this – my all time favorite song. . . or at least one of them! Never seem to get tired of this one, just want to jump about in a weird manner. Wiggle dancing across the room when I am all alone. . . or when I am not alone and I am seeing the bottom of a bottle between my hands! And if I was a man I would put some lipstick on, stuff my junk between my naked legs and wiggle dance around with a big shawl wrapped around my shoulders. . . Oh I love this song too much!



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