I am doing my best to hunt down some nice exhibition posters for my walls – or any exciting posters to be honest. . . I have found two amazing posters from a Yoko Ono exhibit at the modern museum in Stockholm – I might just have to get them. . . I’ve had a long found crush on the Andy Warhol quote posters from the same museum – the issue is just the fact that they do not sell the Warhol posters in their web shop – which means I will have to head off to Stockholm just to get a hold of them. I have actually considered it – but at the same time it seems like a lot of hassle just for some exhibition posters. . . Well I am trying to figure out what I want – and where I want it. . . Here is some poster inspiration I’ve gathered together. . . And if anyone knows of a brilliant place to get some good posters or huge prints (I want 70×100 cm’s in my hallway!) then give us a shout!

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    • designtrolls

      My main room to work on right now is my bedroom and the hallway – the walls are soooo blank – it is actually freakin me out hehe… At the same time, I tend to get a bit too picky, second guessing is my gift!

      • Alex @ northofseven

        any type of gallery wall takes much longer than anyone realizes eh? Ours in the hallway took me forever and I still stare at it going Do I need to move the frame?

      • designtrolls

        Haha that’s how I would be… I have decided that for my hallway I would be pretty happy about two huge simplistic white posters with some writing on it alla the warhol quotes, with black frames… And some sort of table where I could keep my most needed stuff… And a chair or stool… I just need to stick to the plan or else the second guessing comes creeping 😉

  1. hermithomewares

    Love these displays. I have always wanted a “Blow Up” poster, such a great movie, it will match perfectly with my retro camera collection. Love that Meow poster in the first pic to! I already own the & cushion so maybe I am making progress…

    • designtrolls

      I think you are – you are one step ahead of me at least 😉 I’ve set my eyes on some Yoko Ono exhibition posters – oh I can’t wait til payday!

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