After browsing through Eclectic Living Home for hours – I came across a pice on tufted furniture. . . And I went straight back to that feeling of – is this for me or is it not. One part of me is drawn to some amazing tufted pieces and other pieces makes me confused. So I have decided to do another one of my To Do or Not To Do lists. . . So let us see – will it be a yes or a no.

Let’s start with the good news – the good stuff – the stuff that makes me go “yes you tufted beauty!”:

Yes to the vintage sofa – tuft away!

Yes to all of this tufted leather – oh so beautiful. . . I will bring you home and take care of you!

Yes to tufting where I can do my reading.

Yes to just enough tuft!

Yes to this tufted wall – just because it took me a bit of time to realize it was tufted!

Yes to more tufted relaxation space!

The it is the bad news – the not so good stuff – the stuff that makes me go “no way you tufted nightmare!”:

I am liking the colors in here – but that tufted wall is just too much for me. . .

No way – this is a tufted nightmare. . .

Over-tufted sofa anyone?

Please – do not tuft the silver!

Once more – too much for me – liking the colors – but over-the-top!

No to half-naked bums on tufted velvet!!!

No to that tufted sofa. . .

Once more – a no to the tufted wall!

No to the tufted fuchsia. . .

No to “tufting” in the wardrobe!

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I have realized I am not a tufted kind of girl. . . Only if it comes in vintage sofa form or in leather packages. . .




  1. Jeni Johnson

    I say to tuft the back of a chair or headboard only. One can only I Aline clean g out the crumbs or whatever on the actually tufted seat…but I do love that teal ottoman which is an all over tuft do! 🙂

    • designtrolls

      We used to have a tufted leather sofa – looked brilliant – quite the hellraiser when it came to cleaning though. So you are raising a good point 😉

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