I have a fascination for russian nesting dolls – matryoshka. . . I have been hunting high and low for some interesting choices – not to keen on the traditional ones – even though they are pretty cool. I have found that the more unorthodox nesting dolls are pretty expensive – or it feels like it is pretty expensive – maybe it is my student mentality that is kicking in. My student financial mentality would be more correct. I need to realize that I am no longer considered a student – I am a working “woman”. . . Well I have decided to make my own nontraditional or unconventional nesting dolls. . . So I have bought three sets of unpainted nesting dolls – or two sets of 5 nesting dolls and one set of 3 nesting dolls. So now I am trying to find some inspiration for my DIY. I must admit – I am not big on the DIY scene – I wish I was – but I have a tendency of second guessing myself all the time. The most DIY thing I have done is some prints for my flat – can just as well show you the two:

I’ve got a fascination for skulls – so this is basically a panther skull and a giraffe skull by me. . . Have done tons of them – gorillas, birds, tigers, lions, horses etc. Need to get back on it – very time-consuming – therefore I love it – perfect for long night shifts at work.

Well – back to the main purpose of this post – the soon to be DIY nesting dolls. I have had a look around the internet realm – and I have found inspiration. I would like it to be something unique and fun, like this lot:

The three first ones are inspired by Matthew Williamson, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana – not too shabby.

all images via

As I am waiting for my nesting dolls to arrive I am going to get my sketch on – I need to get creative. . . Hoping that won’t be a big issue after finding tons of inspiration to get me going! If and when there is results I will post it all off – if it doesn’t turn out to be one big train wreck of course.







    • designtrolls

      I can’t wait for the dolls to arrive so I can get on with the painting. . . Wish I had them right now – so I could bring them along for my night shift. . .

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