Swiping through my  collection of different interior magazines on my iPad I came across a black bedroom – unfortunately I do not remember which magazine it was in – but anyhow – it got me thinking. I do like a well pulled off dark space – and by dark space I mean usage of dark colors and dark details. I my self could never consider painting my bedroom or livingroom walls black – but I do like my black accent points. . . Planing on bringing some black into my bedroom in not too long – only a couple of weeks left till I can start the “new” bedroom look in our flat! I am actually looking forward to it in a way that reminded me of the anticipation I had before christmas as a child. Well – on to the inspiration – blackspiration:

The black bedroom:

This is one of my all time favorite black bedrooms – the different shades of grey combined with the white in the bedding department together with the vintage brown trunk brings some dimension to it. My problem with black in bedrooms is the fear of it lacking dimension to it.

Also – when it comes to black bedrooms – I prefer black walls. Of course I am a fan of a white canvas with bits and bobs of black in there – one thing I have great issues with is a white room with all dark/black furniture – especially if the furniture got some junk in the trunk – in other words; if the furniture is chunky. I used to live with a girl (student life) who did that – we had pretty big bedrooms – but she went all out on all black furniture – chunky bed, chunky drawers, chunky shelf – and it ended up suffocating the space. Or maybe I am just a freak of nature – and do have a sick obsession with light spaces. . . Who knows?

The black kitchen:

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When it comes to the kitchen I adore black. And this is such a good example of it. I am not a big fan of glossy black – I like the mat black – just got a more natural feel to it. Also one of the reasons I do adore a bit of black in a kitchen is that it is a space which naturally has a lot of color in it – fruits, vegetables, cups, plates – all of it – so a huge chunk of black as a backdrop doesn’t mute down the space in the same way it does with for example an all black bedroom.

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The black living space, dining space, hallway & the black office:

When it comes to the livingroom, the home office, the dining area and the hallway – those are some of the areas where I’ve got most of my too much black issues. . . I don’t know why – but in my head I have some idea that these spaces should be light – but at the same time I come across images where black is such a great component of the room but it seems to work. So I am not sure – maybe I should just get my head out of my backside and embrace the blackness?! Here are some spaces as mentioned above (not my backside) that I think work – even if black plays the main part. . .

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This space is amazing – and it really shows the point that it is all about keeping a certain balance. I wish I had the guts to go all in like this.

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The black bathroom:

I must admit – I do find a black bathroom oddly attractive. If you would ask me why I wouldn’t be able to answer – it’s just one of those things. . .

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    Wow! These look like all livable spaces without having that dense dark moody feeling. Quite chic actually especially when accented well. Just saw Dark Knight, I give it 2 stars!

    • designtrolls

      As I was making this post I realized – I do not dislike black all that much. . . But you have to be quite good to make a black wall work – and it seems like it works best if you’ve got quite much space going on. . . I do not have a lot of space, so black walls would shrink my flat to the point of non-excisting. . . But if I ever find myself in a huuuuge apartment with walls as tall as 4 meters and windows all over the place – I will consider putting some black on my wall. . . In these images it looks more rich than moody – me like!

  2. Alex @ northofseven

    When I was a kid my Dad made us all keep our walls white for easier decor. I swore as an adult I’d paint my walls deep dark colours (like a gothic painting style deep blood red or burgundy). Figures as an adult I did the same damn thing and painted my entire house white. There are days where the teen in me looks at walls like this and thinks “ok maybe just my bedroom”…

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