Another sleepless night – what do I do? Oh I hunt for inspiration – that is what I do. . . It might seem that is all I do – all day long – and that might be true… I am easy to inspire!

Here are things that haunt my dreams when sleep is out of sight:

The drinks I should be drinking…

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

From the top – crazy tasty looking Mojito, White Russian, Frenchy, Cherry Gin & Tonic + Cuba Libre…

The places I should be visiting…

Pinned Image

Tokyo, New York, Havana, Amsterdam & Marrakesh

The beautiful threads I should be wearing…

Dior, Tom Ford, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen & Vivienne Westwood.

The houses I should be living in…

Pinned Image

A combination of beautiful houses I wouldn’t mind living in. The last one is my dream home – just imagine it all fixed up – and it is in London – why is it not mine?!

All the white beauty I should be celebrating…

White horse, ricotta, snow-white, white living space x 2.

All the beautiful music I should be listening to…

Mumford & Sons, Leonard Cohen, Lykke Li, SBTRKT & CocoRosie

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