It is late where I am – I am surrounded by the dark night – the clock tells me it is 04:35. . . Still 5 hours left till I can let my head hit the pillow and drift off to wonderful dreams. . . What is keeping me up? Drifting away in a haze of beautiful and inspiring images and the wonders found on playlists I had totally forgotten about. I just got my new phone – and it didn’t take long between charging it up for the first time and me downloading my Spotify on it. Randomly chosing playlists to download – my old selections all mashed up together. This has left me in heaven – so much music I have neglected for too long. And here I am – letting the music play – smiling all by my self – with an intense desire to jump about or crawl up in fetus position and ball my eyes out. Here is a ten song long selection of my deeply loved but sadly neglected tunes.

I do have some sort of belief that a persons collection of music tells a huge amount about a person. I wonder what my collection tells about me?



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