Ok – I have spent one too many nights working these days – the night shift – so mostly I just have to stay awake and stay put. Seems easy? Well – it is as long as one has good entertainment – and I have found it! Every night there is a SexAndTheCity marathon on – 4 or 5 episodes of good old SATC memories. Not only is it entertaining, it is dead on inspiring as well. I have always drawn a lot of inspiration from the fashion on the show – but as I go on watching it I realize there is a lot of inspiration that can be taken back to the home as well. Every single character has a distinct sense of style in the way they dress – which can also be translated to a home. I need to do this one character at a time – doing them all at ones would be a bit of an inspirational overdose – even for me! At least let me have the dresses, the coats, the shoes and the bags. . . Then I would be satisfied. . .

Let’s start with Carrie.

Carrie has a great sense of style – no doubt about it. The character has a style that is all over the place – in the best possible way. It is a perfect mix of thrifted beauties, feathery and sequined creations and designer pieces. I wouldn’t mind taking on her wardrobe even if it would mean losing more than half of my bodyweight – it would be worth every gram.

First let’s get on to the fashion inspiration…

One of my favorite things about the Carrie wardrobe must be all of the gorgeous slips and cross-breeds between a slip for sleeping and a gown for parading around the big apple.

I had to put some Oscar de la Renta in there – how perfect is this gown?!

I feel like this gorgeous wardrobe image gives us a perfect passage from fashion to interior. Here is me pulling the style tendencies of Carrie into my home. . . This will not be drawn from the apartment we have all seen portrayed so beautifully on-screen. This is how I would love to use my idea of Carries style in my own home.

I just had to add this image from the Carrie and Big abode – I do have a full on “I-would-rub-against-you” crush on this space.

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