I am back – there has been a bit of a time-lapse between my last post and this one – that is all because of a bit of sickness on my part. But it is all over now – or it is at the point where I can ignore it. So in the honour of my sickness I have decided to devote a post to the color of pink. Pink is one of those colours I struggle with. I do like a good pink accent piece, or a good pink piece of clothing – but for some reason I have issues liking it in my own home or on my own body. So what better way to conquer my ambivalent relationship with pink than through a good old “to do or not to do list”. . .

Let’s start with the yes-list or the to-do-list if you want:

Pinned Image

I say yes to pink rose petals – I say yes to pink flowers in general. . . Or flowers in general – color is not an issue when it comes in the most natural of forms.

Pinned Image

I am not a cold-hearted soul – so there is no way I can say no to the light pink Smeg. . .

Pinned Image

I say yes to the wig – she looks good in it – I want it so I could look not as good as her in it.

Pinned Image

I say yes to the pink picture – I just want it – it’s as simple as that.

Pinned Image

I never thought I would come across a heavy pink gown I would say yes to – but there is no way I could say no to this!

Ok who doesn’t find this pretty attractive? I say yes to the pink shower interior!

Pinned Image

Pink feathers – yes!

This is the perfect muted pink for me – in a perfect combination with grey and white.

Pinned Image

Just enough – not too much – and just look at the space.

Pinned Image

Just enough pink – I must say yes…

There is no way I could say no to this pink bike. Perfect since I am hunting for a bike for my city living.

Just another mix of pink in just the right way.

Ok – I don’t usually say “I want a bit of the wall pink – the rest white – and then between the pink and the white I want a yellow line. Oh and – please add the decorative banana pillow as well – it will be oh so swell”. . . But I must admit I am considering it after seeing this one.

Pinned Image

Then – my M-don’t-you-do-that list:

Pinned Image

Pink over-kill – no thank you!

Pinned Image

This is not romantic, this is not charming, this is not sexy – this is nothing I would like my underwear to be!

Pinned Image

Ok I see the picturesque quality of this image – but I wouldn’t live there.

Pinned Image

This gown is everything that scares me when I think “pink, frilly gown”.

Pinned Image

No to the pink bathroom with a pop of yellow and a pink meets white print.

Pinned Image

I must have died and come to candy land – oh wait – it’s just a kitchen! No to it.

Pinned Image

I am not a mermaid nor will I ever be one…

Pinned Image

Over-kill pink? No to it!

Pinned Image

I actually like this space. But then I have to ask my self; could I, should I, would I? And the answer is no – I will still admire it though.

No to the crazy silver and pink christmas tree with miniature reindeer under it.

Another pink kitchen gone rogue!

Pinned Image

A bit to obvious maybe? Well – no to this one as well.

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Once again – I am just as ambivalent at the end of this as I was at the beginning. One thing is obvious though – I do not despise pink as much as I thought I did – it has all to do with tone, combination and amount. I am no fan of excess – only when it comes to shoes, bags and trench coats. I am a simple soul!




  1. Jeni Johnson

    All the pinks pictured were represented well, some way prettier than others and some with just the right amount of pink! That frig though, that’s pretty cute and I loved the bed post. Too girly for me but I can still admire! 🙂

    • designtrolls

      Me too – there is a lot of pink I can admire – but there is nooooo way I could ever live with it myself. . . Still – love to have some nice pinkness to gaze at from time to time 😉

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