The week has just begun – and my week will be filled with work, a couple of days at the holiday flat, work and a tiny bit more work. So I am trying to fill it with inspiration – and cravings to be dealt with as soon as my payday comes up. I know I have not been as good on letting the posts out these days – and I’ve got one thing to blame – work. Well back to the love list – this week I feel like starting it off with a wall of cravings – enjoy!

I am smitten over absolutely everything crammed into this one. . . Well I do know the lamp wouldn’t work in our apartment – but the rest – yes thank you very much!

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Ok – I am one of those people who get a good old warm feeling when autumn is closing in on me! I love it! I love the fashion, I love the layers of lush colors and fabrics, I adore the rain. . . It’s my season.

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I am a “stable” kinda girl at heart – and I still can’t say no to a white horse. . .

DVF send on that bag. I am not big on lips as bags – but I just realized I am big on lips on bags.

Yes – I do like some color in my life. . . This is one of those color moments.

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Flamingo – the perfect kind of pink!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Give me your coat!

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This is my perfect breakfast. . . Müsli, yoghurt and berries – so putting it on my shopping list for tomorrow. Freshness in the mornings is a must.

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Yes – I like hallways – even more if they are white with some scatter of black.

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I need to get out of my work mode – and into my “coffee-break-mode”.

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There are some pieces here I would like shipped over night please.

Pinned Image

I want to bring my work home with me – and if I could conduct it all in a space like this I would be one happy bunny.

And finally – a bit of a not so subliminal message to myself:

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