Summer is drawing to an end – and I know I have put my “pro-autumn” point across. But I need to make a point out of the fact that
I do adore all seasons for their different reasons. Summer – a bit of color, sun, parks, barbeques, dipping in the ocean. Winter – the
first snow, wool all over the place, rosy cheeks, blanket time. Spring – snow no more, feeling fresh, green coming through. . . I am a season loving being – it’s as easy as that. And right now – in the Norwegian tradition – autumn is knocking on the door a tad bit early. I am preparing myself for the season to come – and I am doing it by creating a long list of reasons to embrace the new season; at this moment it is an 8 point list.


I used to pride myself in only having one or two main cravings in the wardrobe department (shoes and bags) – as time goes on I have to admit I have several more. One is especially present – and that is my crave for good outerwear – if not good at least easy on the eye. Autumn is the perfect season to bring it all out of the corners of your wardrobe. The rain has already hit us over here – and I’ve got the trench coats all lined up – well besides the summer trench – but that’s a different story. . .

When we are talking about great coats – Burberry Prorsum is not the worst one could do is it?

Love this Topshop treat of a coat – it’s pretty high up there on the wish list – maybe not as high up as the Burberry Prorsum one – but more attainable price wise.

Pinned Image

A good way to tackle color blocking – the color blocked coat.

I am not one to say no to a great leather jacket – and right up there at the top is one by Rick Owens.

I have been on the hunt for a great Bouclé jacket for ages now – to be honest it feels like for ever! This one is not far off and the image in it self is pretty damn amazing!

Some good old favorites and some not so old getting dusted off in my home right now is my Acne Rita jacket, my sequined biker from Topshop, my vintage black Aquascutum coat (already been out and about – still needs a bit of a dust-off) and my vintage mustard Burberry Prorsum trench. . . I will do some trigger happy snapshots as soon as I get back home and it will be on here.


One of the greatest things about being out of the student category and thrown into the professional category is my new-found love for coming home and staying put. Nothing beats the feeling of coming home at the end of a long shift and crawling under a throw with a good cup of tea. I love having nothing to do as I get off work – all I’ve got is time to enjoy my life and whoever joins in.


I’ve been living in the student bubble for way too long – and one of the hardest bits of the student life for me (besides the obvious “I am poor” freak-outs) must be the constant bad consciousness. And the place where that bad consciousness really has hit in during my student years has been every time I have picked up a book that has not been course related. As soon as I have opened a book for pure entertainment a little voice has appeared in my head chiming “you should be reading for your exam, you should be reading something course related” – over and over and over again. That voice is now gone – yes – it has taken me a couple of months to get back into the groove. But the book groove is back – and autumn is the perfect season for good reads – under the covers and in front of the fireplace (wish I had one of those in my apartment). So now the hunt for great books is on. I am not just thinking about the good reads – I am thinking about the good views as well – the books filled with inspiration. So combined into my regular daily hunts for inspiration – I have added a visit or two to Assouline. I do have issues controlling my urge to push the “buy-now” button – at the top of the list right now is Olivier Theyskens the other side of the picture, the new english dandy and american fashion designers at home.


I am a sucker for boots and booties. Is there a good explanation for it – yes – it looks absolutely amazing. And this is not like my coats and jackets addiction – I do actually need more boots and booties – it’s not all about me wanting more for once!

Pinned Image

From the top: the amazing Chanel biker boots, must have Alexander Wang perfection, a Chloe necessity, a bit of Alexander McQueen greatness and the unknown grey. . .


I feel like autumn is the season of the lip. I am not one to spend summer with lipstick covered lips – but as soon as autumn arrives I get the sense that my lips need a bit of a cover-up – in a good way – cover-up got a bit of a dodgy ring to it. The color that first pops into my head when I add up autumn and lipstick is the color red. I want my lips to pop –  it’s time to pucker up!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Autumn is the season to catch up on all of the activities that feels a bit wasted when it is finally summer and the sun is out – like staying in under the covers with a good book, wooling up (yes I think that rolling yourself into a big ball of wool aka wooling is a certified activity – and yes I do know it is not a real word; but it is my word) and going to the cinema. I must admit I have been to the cinema this summer – but it was only once – and I feel like I missed out on some good, fresh summer air for the hours it lasted. But now that the rain is here and the nights creep up on me before I even realize it is passed noon I am ready to get back into the cinema.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

One other thing worth mentioning about the reason for cinema getting on this list – I want some of these on my walls! Especially the two last ones – beauty is often the simplest things.


Who said suit up? I say wool up! It’s fall so let us bring on the wool.

Bring on the grey wool sofa…

Pinned Image

Bring on the grey wool skirt…

Pinned Image

Bring on the grey wool chair…

Bring on the dark grey wool in the bedroom…

Bring on the crazy pink wool dress…


It’s time to embrace the cardigan – well I do embrace the cardigan all year around – but autumn brings up the urge to renew the collection of cardigans currently occupying parts of my closet space. Oh and I wouldn’t mind some nice cardigans lined up for H as well… The question is – does he agree? Then comes the question – do I care?

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