I am a strong believer that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. . . Well I have to turn that around a bit – when it comes to product design and packaging I  adore a good cover up! To be more exact – I do love some good packaging. The perfect thing is of course if the beauty of the packaging is equal to the beauty and the quality of the product itself. I have come across the perfect page for package love – Lovely Package. So if you like a good package go have a gander – it is truly worth it. Just wish they had a shop as well – so I could easily get my hands on some of these amazing products.

Some of my favorites are:

I wouldn’t mind these lovely bottles lined up in my kitchen…

This is for the bar I am planning – absolutely love these! (Unfortunately it’s a student work thing I think – so probably very unattainable)…

For the office – go white…

For the bathroom – make your toilet tissue pop!

For the kids – oh wait – I do not have a kid nor do I want one. . . Still I need that skull!

For the fridge – eggs have never looked this good.

For the fashionista. . . I would save every bit of this – lovely.

The shirt box – I am completely sold on this. Need to get one for the H.

Got milk? Yes, I had to bring Norway into this – and it is one incredible handsome bottle!

Time for a proper BBQ? I say yes

For my sweet tooth

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