1. Walking to work 2. The family photo 3. Enjoying the morning sun – walking to work 4. H trying to take a picture of the full moon – long live flash! 5. Morning dew 6. Blue monday 7. Waiting for payday – it does help to write it down – over and over 8. Sleepy head       9. Office view – it’s no big city view – but I love it!

1. Monki Chelsea boots – I love you! (similar here and here) 2. You know it’s been a god day at work when you come home with an interior magazine in your bag and the only thing left to do or the rest of the day is reading! 3. Addiction Central 4. There’s a dog behind the window! 5. Enjoying the greens before they turn into browns 6. Work – work – work 7. Measuring whose feet are bigger – I have sushi feet! 8. M for me! 9. Craving my mums crystal!

This was it – another one of my tiny updates. . . They alway come in handy when there’s a lot of stuff going on around me – and sitting down for a good old inspiration hunt seems miles away. . . I’ll be back later with a more “regular” post 😉



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