It is raining buckets outside… Three minutes outside and you are soaked to the core – so I am living it up inside – with Vitamin Boost water, the dogs and some inspiration hunting. So I’ve decided to play out my inspiration flow right here – oh wait – that’s nothing new! Here comes my thursday inspiration list. . .

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Perfect tiny table for a tiny entryway!

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I would really love to have this one on my wall – simply adore it! If anyone knows where I can get a hold of one – please do tell!

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I am in love with Kusmi tea! Look at these beauties. . . So gonna splurge!

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I want some bay trees in my home – and I wouldn’t mind the beautiful collection of Kokeshi dolls either!

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I do love a good tub – and this is damn perfect!

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Joy Division is one of my all time “go-to-bands” and I would love to put this on my wall asap!

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These wallpapers from Anthropologie. . . Brilliant – noooow – what to wallpaper down?!

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I love this double exposure portrait by Dan Mountford – want to put it on my wall!

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These amazing vintage drawers would be perfect in my home. . .

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This Knoll Planter Chair has got me drooling. . . I want it so bad – but I know that there is no space in space for this wonder.

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Lastly – this behind the scenes shot from a Burberry campaign shoot – why? Oh it just reminds me of why Burberry is such a great fit for this rainy city of mine. . . Is that a good enough reason to splurge on some new Burberry trenches?

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  1. Jeni Johnson

    Very retro table….luved it and that index cabinet to table is superb. I can only imagine what little things I’d store in it. Do you think it was originally in a library(stacked) then the legs were installed?

    • designtrolls

      I think so – or at a drugstore or something. Those were usually used for index cards etc. I am craving one – but it is really hard to get a hold of in my country – unfortunately!

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