Despite the already mentioned rain today this was a pretty good day. . .

So let me give you a bit of a photo update!

Went to a Second Hand shop and found some nice treats (in the shape of shirts) for the H. . . Unfortunately he is not a size L – so they were all a tad bit over sized for him. . . That’s second-hand life for you!

Stopped by a cute coffee shop meets interior and tea shop for the best spicy cinnamon latte ever!

Gorgeous Kusmi tea – please be mine. . . Feel a splurge coming on!

Happy Lights makes me happy. . .

Went for a bit all-around-the-place shopping trip.

Found more tiles to love – waiting for the H as he slithers into some skinny jeans. . .

Jeans? Skinny jeans you say? I say MAN JEGGINGS! A big NO GO!

H got some new kicks from H&M – I am drooling over the leather chocolate brogues – wish they made them in my sushi feet size!

On our way we came across this gorgeous creature – a frenchie caught in the rain. . . It took quite a lot of will power to not run away with it. Our next ‘child’ will be in the shape of a frenchie!

As we got home we got greeted by two lovely creatures – not in the shape of frenchies but in the shape of silkies. . .

I got my chopsticks from Søstrene Grene ready!

Ending the day on sushi is never the wrong choice!




  1. Jeni Johnson

    Those lights are fabulous! I have to share my brother is very skinny he should be wearing a Mens medium but her buys XXL and wears like 2 shirts underneath he pulls them off…FUNNY right? Im sure your BF/Hubby? will be fine in the L. Anyway those Mens shoes are spot on!

    • designtrolls

      My BF is not big on the over sized stuff – he is more of a fitted stuff kinda guy. I am not one to question that either 😉 Snugg it! I adore the shoes as well – nothing is better than a well dressed man! I am more likely to come back home with clothes for him than for my self. . . He looks good in anything – so it is almost too easy 😉

      • Jeni Johnson

        Ahhh, what a great compliment, Im sure he acknowledges that. I find it much easier to dress men than Woman.

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