Oh that header there might just give people the wrong impression – I am no baby mama – and I have no craving of becoming a baby mama either. But why is there so much cool stuff connected to the baby world? I am talking about cool stuff in the interior sense or interior world of course. Today we had a bit of a sunday gander around town and there is an amazing shop filled to the brim with perfect little gifts etc for the world of babies. I do not have a baby – but dammit – I wouldn’t mind creating a nursery. . . Maybe I should find some baby friends who would let me give their nursery a M’licious makeover! Maybe I just need to become a nursery decorator? Or maybe just an interior decorator in general – so I could frolic in cool interior goods on a daily basis – and get paid for it? One of my all time favorites “go-to-sources” when it comes to the baby/kiddie world is Ferm Living. Just have a look at these goodies!

First let us have a look at some of the brilliant wallpapers they have for the nursery – these are my obvious favorites:

Mountain Friends

In The Rain




Next on the list is bedding – lucky for me they do also do these in “adult” size.

In The Rain

Mountain Friends

Now let’s head over to the randoms – the best bits and bobs to be honest – the cushions, the mobiles – the playroom goodies!

Meet Olivia and Edward – these bean bags are so on my wish list – I do not need a kid to get these!

Another one of my wish list specials – another one of my I do not need a kid to get this favorites – the Tiger cushion!

Meet Posey PandaAristo KattElle Elephant and Mr. Frank Fox. . . I must admit Mr. Frank and Aristo is my favorites.

I know this is already quite the bundle of bits and bobs – but I do have to add some more lovely inspiration I came across on my sunday interior gander. . . More kid stuff – I still feel like I don’t need a kid to get it though!

Matryoshka meets lamp – feel I need to get my DIY gloves on! (Follow me on instagram – Designtrolls)

Matryoshka collection meets the castle mirror – really wanting that mirror. . . Or any weird mirror like that – the hunt has begun!

This is the ultimate childhood flashback – and I love it! Moomin serving tray – please be mine!

Lovely kitchen towel from Ferm Living – yes I love Ferm – allow it!

This is probably one of the things H fell most in love with – true to his british heritage he loves his tea and wouldn’t mind showing it off!

More Kusmi tea – I seem to come across these everywhere I go these days. It’s like they are screaming “BUY ME!”

Oh and the lovely thing I did end up buying – some Coca Cola Light bottles by Jean Paul Gaultier. . . So keeping these for display reasons!







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