Yes – I am back with yet another “to-do-or-not-to-do” list – one of my own little favorite treats to do! Today it is all about the blues! Blue is one of the colors that will transcend from summer trend to autumn trend – the only difference will be the shade of blue. Out with the light and close-to-neon-vibrants and in with the deeper and moody shades. I do love blue, blue tones in all directions works for me – but I must admit I am a sucker for the moody blues and the deeper shades of blue – petrol blue is a big winner for me.

So here goes – my to do and not to do when it comes to the world of blue. And as usual I start with the YES list (mostly because that is the easy part).

Pinned Image

Yes to this wall… I do want to snatch that framed b&w photo as well.

Pinned Image

Yes to the hat and definitely a big yes to the blue coat (similar here and here)!

Pinned Image

Mix your blues with your greys – yes to that.

Pinned Image

Wishbone in blue – I do love you. . .

Pinned Image

Yes to letting your blue mix with the lemons!

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Yes to the blue velvet cake – it may look a bit on the dangerous side of the cake spectrum – but just another reason to love it!

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Yes to the overdose of blue! I love the little letters on the wall in the same shade as the wall – and this shade of blue goes perfectly with the more neutral or natural shades of the woolly blankets and the other randoms.

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This is my kind of pop of color – I absolutely adore this chair – feel like this is just the kind of DIY I could manage to pull of without too much problem.

Pinned Image

Yes to the blue bed – this room is perfection to me.

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I do like a well dressed man – and I say yes to the blue wool sweater!

Now to the hard bit – the NO part of this. . . I have found that finding blue I do not adore is quite the task. But I have done my best and here they are – my no-no-to-the-blue:

Pinned Image

No to the fur! This was one easy no – since I am generally not a fan of fur. . . I do not eat the fox – therefore I do not see the reason to wear the fox – if you get my drift?!

Pinned Image

No to this blue chair. . . Shabby Chic you say? I say just shabby!

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No to this overdose of fabric and blue. . . There is no way I would squeeze into this.

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I must admit the creativity of this thing is pretty amazeballs – still I would not find a place for this in my space. So no to the blue suitcase chair.

Pinned Image

There is no way I could make this sofa work. . . I do love vintage, I do love leather and I do love some blue – but this – no way!

Pinned Image

This is just blue-on-blue-overload – I cannot deal with it. I am more of a pop some blue in there kind of person.

Pinned Image

No! There is no way I can say yes to this!

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I’ll end this misery with a blue bathroom – to me this is taking the whole “beach house” trend a tad bit far. . .

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It is obvious that my choice is yes to the blue – now I just have to head out and find some good blues for my own space.




  1. Jeni Johnson

    Yes to blue too, must have different variations of blue if one chooses to decorate the color around the home. But a monochromatic blue outfit works well!

  2. Erica Preo

    Good blue investigation. I love the statement about the fur and eating fox, I may have to borrow that rationale for my dog collars and things since they will be leather. I just don’t think synthetic leather has the same…anything. And the suitcase! My parents had those suitcases! Ridiculous as a chair, but still entertaining to see it…repurposed? If I remember, there were little bits of glitter in the blue weave.

    • designtrolls

      I come across a lot of people who ask me why I am so negative to using fur when I have no problem using leather. I am a big fan of using the entire animal when one uses it for food – so I do believe that if you eat an animal you should use its skin and its bones etc. I would never eat a fox, a mink, a dog or a snake – so therefor I do not see the winning argument in killing them based on just fur. I should be careful and not fall into the fur talk trap hehe. Stick to leather for your dog collars – it takes ages to find a good synthetic leather.

      I wish I could have the suitcase without the tufted chair. . . But I guess that one there is all or nothing – so I go “NOTHING!”

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